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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Better late then never.....right?

So last year right about this time my hubby and I got the rare occasion to have a whole night to ourselves, no girls.   So we went out and had a nice time, and came home and had a nice time and in May we welcomed our little surprise into our family.  She was a BIG surprise HUGE, and one that took a while to get used to, but now I can not even begin to imagine my life without her.  She is an angel a blessing and something we had no clue we needed until we had her, so without further ado please let me introduce you to....

Eleanor Savannah

Obviously this is not a new born picture, but I love it so I thought I would start off with it. :D

So now all the nitty gritty details.  I had had contractions for days before we went to the hospital, I did the same thing with our other two princesses too. The contractions this time were stronger and more frequent so I thought surely they were leading up to delivery.  Well imagine my disappointment when at my 39 week check up I was nothing, nada, zero.  No dilation no effacement, nothing.  Honestly I was in tears when I left.

I was equally surprised when on Saturday I started having contractions that were getting stronger and stronger and would not stop.  I could time them out to every 7 minutes, but you know they like you to wait till every 5 and when I got to that point I told Jon I thought it was time to go to the hospital, especially since we had to call someone to watch the two other girls.  I was scared that if I called my OB and told her she would tell me to wait and then that would be it the contractions would stop and I would not be going to the hospital to have my daughter.  This had happened before.  So finally at 11:30pm we headed to the hospital and got checked in.  They checked me and I was 2 maybe 3 centimeters, again the tears were close, and the doctor didn't want to induce at all.  I was given the option to walk for an hour and  then be checked again.  If I had progressed they would have me walk for another hour if I kept progressing then I would stay if not then they would possibly send me home.  To say I was determined is an understatement.  So at 12:30am we started walking, they checked me at 1:30 and I was 4cm, that's progress, so we walked until 2:30am and let me tell you by the time I got back to the room, I was in a lot of pain.  The contractions were really strong and I knew this was a go.  Sure enough 5-6cm, and ladies it was time for an epidural.  I was in tears by the time the anesthesiologist got there, they pain was worse then anything I felt with the other two, but once that epidural started all was right with the world. :D

This face says epidurals are good. :D

The  doc came to tell me that we were definitely going to have the baby today, and she thought that by lunch time she would definitely be here.  Well little miss wanted to come a bit earlier then that.  So when the doc came back to check me around 8 she was surprised to find we were ready to go.  Everyone says that you feel the need to push, but not me, so I had no clue.  However Ellie was helpful and after 4 or 5 pushes she was out.
 She might not have been happy to be with us but we sure were happy to have her here.

 She weighed in at a very healthy 8lbs 9oz. Only eclipsed my Boogie at 8lbs 12oz.

 And measured in at 21 inches long, my longest by 1/2 and inch.  Matter of fact the girls went up in half inches for 20 to 21.

 She calmed down once they got her cleaned up and she just loved the heat lamp.

 Once she was all pretty and dressed it was time to meet her public.

First was definitely me since I did all that hard work.

 Then daddy and since Papa Edge, Mrs. Priscilla and Auntie Summer were there they got in on the meet and greet too.

 Once we were comfy and cozy in the room then the big sisters came to visit.

They loved baby Ellie from the very beginning.

 Especially Boogie who is a great big sister.

 And of course since they were now big sisters they had to have shirts that proclaimed their new status.

 We also had to meet Nah Nah and

 Mimi too.

 Finally it was time for some more mommy snuggle time.

Our little Ellie may have been a surprise,  but it was definitely a good surprise and we are so happy to have another little princess to add to our family.

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