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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My husband REALLY loves his daughter

Please notice that I didn't say that my husband really loves ME. He does I know he does however if I ever asked him to completely remodel a room for me (other then our kitchen, that was a must) he would just roll his eyes say he's not a carpenter and tell me to hire someone.

However..........when it comes to his little princess Boogie he would stop the world an give her the moon and the stars without even batting an eyelash. They are like two peas in a pod, it's cute. Anyway I decided that it was time for Boogie to have a real big girl room, a complete transformation, so we begged mom and dad to take her for a week and the project began. I have grand ideas, and this causes my husband all kinds of nightmares and heartache. So this is what we were starting with:

There is a definate need for some organization. I was very very sad to paint over the mural that my dad did for her before she was born, but I take heart in the fact that we left a bit of a surprise beneith the bead board. :D
So after a day of set back Mudman (husband) and I worked our butts off on Sunday and with the addition of a new fence that my lovely husband felt compelled to build on Sunday as well we made fairly good progress.

Now I never realized that painting took so much time and after two coats of primer, and two coats of paint not to mention 3 coats on the beadboard we had a finished project as far as the paint was concerned but folks that took 3 days. Now lets talk about this beadboard and things that I have learned about 60 year old houses. Our house was built in 1949 just outside of Atlanta, so over the years the walls seem to have settled a good bit and there is not one square wall anywhere in this room, nor are the walls straight which makes placing the beadboard very very interesting. It also makes my husband who is not a carpenter (so he keeps telling me) very very unhappy. However as of 10:30pm last night this is what we had, and I have to say that so far I am pretty proud of our accomplishment.

So this is what we are starting with this afternoon. There are only some touch up things to finish and then the decorating and reloading begins. When Boogie gets back from Florida next week she will have her very own underwater big girl room. I will post final pictures sometime later this week, and my dear hubby will be off the home improvement hook for at least 6 months. :D

1 comment:

Tamara Ann said...

Oh, that looks SO good already!

Tell my FAVORITE brother (the other brother never reads this does he?) that he can always come down here and help me with some fun stuff around our house if he gets bored!

We keep saying that we're going to wait "until we get in a new house" to do "nice" stuff. HELLO...what new house?!?