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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh God I am one of THOSE parents

So as anyone that I have ever even remotely spent time with till tell you, I love to take pictures. If I could I might have a small camera with an amazing lens somehow embedded into my palm so that I would always have one when I needed it. Okay that might be a bit of an exaggeration get the point. My daughter, god love her, is starting to follow in my foot steps as she is currently following me around asking me to smile and say cheese for her pretty pink princess camera. However more often then not she is the subject of my erstwhile shooting as my dear husband is pretty fast and I have a hard time catching him unaware. I will say that he is getting better and now that he has been bequeathed my previous camera. He's not quite as pictures shy, and every now and then I even show up in pictures. :D

Anyway this past weekend we spent a great day with Nah Nah, Bop and Grandma and well Nah Nah is also interested in that embed little camera, so while I didn't have mine she most certainly had hers...and ....uummmm....a chicken suit, or it might be a duck we couldn't decide. However it was so cute and cuddly and Boogie is so cute and cuddly and two things that are cute and cuddly make super cute and cuddly pictures right...and then throw in a cute and cuddly stuffed rabbit and it's all over folks but the picture taking.

So I am now that parent that dresses their little monster up in silly holiday costumes and forces them to pose for photos that will live on to eternity. I know that my evil deeds may one day cause hours of therapy when one of these cute pictures somehow makes it into a yearbook on a senior page,but just have a look at this cuteness.

Now you tell me, how could I resist? :D

Boogie I am sorry in advance and I promise to help pay for that therapist if you ever need one. Matter of fact I just remembered that you have three Converse Aunties that are therapists so since you are well covered, I think that I might be able to find a little rabbit costume too. Hhhhmmmm......

1 comment:

Tamara Ann said...

I think she's the cutest little chicken/duck I've ever seen!! And her cousin (the boy one down here) will be in therapy with her since I took pictures of him with the bow his sister put on his head the other day!