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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hello's me.......Happy Mother's Day....

I'm here I'm here and I know that I have a ton of updating to do and I am working diligently on getting homework done before the weekend so that I can dedicate a bit of time to posting some pictures to let you know how things are going in our little world.

I did want to give a quick high five to all the work tirelessly, love endlessly and unconditionally and give selflessly. Be sure to take a little time for yourself this weekend to appreciate what a great job you do in raising your family. Look at your children's faces and know that you have done your best. Congrats on doing such a great job raising the next generation to be loving, responsible adults.

For all you Dads out there don't forget about mom, she works hard everyday, and I promise you that in June she will not forget you. Times are tough and maybe a bouquet of flowers and brunch out is not in the books, but how about homemade breakfast in bed and the whole day to herself. Serve her her favorite food and then tell her that you and the kiddos will see her for dinner. You'll be amazed at the gratitude she have for just a little personal time to herself, and you'll get some good quality time with your kiddos. For those who are friends to a single mother, invite her over for dinner and tell her to pick a night/day that she would like some free time and offer to watch her kiddos. There is nothing more valuable the time to yourself, and one of the perks is... it's free. Moms can be better moms when they are relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated. A little free time to not have to worry about changing Jimmie's diaper or brushing Susie's hair or cooking dinner for 5 people while writing a grocery list and keeping little Tommy from eating dog food is just what the doctor ordered.

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Oh and to my Mom....I think you're the Bee's Knees. :D Love you very much come and visit soon!!

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