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Monday, May 18, 2009

To camp or not to camp that is the question...

Well for those of you that know us it will be no surprise that our plans to rest at home over Memorial Day weekend have changed. For those that don't, this small section of the Cooper clan has a really hard time staying at home on the weekends, relaxation to us, means go and see something. So instead of relaxing at home we will be relaxing in a campsite off of a US Forestry Service Road in the mountains of North Caroline on what I am assured is beautiful Lake Chatuge. Hubby is excited because this means the possibility of at least 2 full days of fishing, to me it means two full days of trying to read while I keep Boogie from falling out of the boat and into beautiful lake Chatuge while he fishes. Should at least prove from some interesting photos if it dosen't rain.

Now hubby and I were both frequent campers as kids, and really before we had Boogie we were pretty frequent campers, but well a baby tends to put a halt on things that you enjoy doing. However, we did get adventurous last summer and not only went hiking with Boogie but also went on an over night camping trip. Poor hubby got to carry the pack up and down the mountain with a 30lb toddler in it. She did great as did hubby, and loved it really, but she was still only slightly mobile and easy to catch up too, and pretty attached to Mommy or Daddy.

This year finds an entirely different Boogie preparing for our camping trip. One that is very independent, and doesn't mind heading off on her own. Not to mention that that little booger is fast. So while I am elated to that Hubby and I get to share our love of the outdoors and camping with our daughter I am also terrified that I will turn my back for one second and she will find the closest bear to befriend, or nearest tree over a gorge to walk out on, or god forbid something that looks interesting to put in her mouth (she is a very orally inquisitive child, NO clue where she might get that from. :D).

So as we pull down the Coleman tent, stove, lanterns, chairs, sleeping bags and backpacks I can't help but wonder if Coleman might make a leash or at least a Toddler Tether specifically designed for the camping enthusiast that doesn't want to leave their child at home. I'm sure that hubby can come up with something but if not look for the pictures of a panicked hubby trying to delicately extracted the 2 1/2 year old from the largest patch of poison ivy ever found by human kind in North Carolina located directly under a buzzing wasp nest on the edge of a deep ravine. I guarantee if a place like this exists up in North Carolina Boogie will be able to find it and put herself right in the middle of it. Alas my sanity I knew it well......

1 comment:

Tamara Ann said...

Ha! She takes after her daddy alright! Ya'll have fun camping and I can't wait to see pics!