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Friday, June 5, 2009

Okay only about a month and a half late...but

.. here are a few pictures to continue with the remodel of Boogies Room. We started this project way back in April while she was visiting Florida and I promised updates over Easter but well here we are in June and things happen, so I say better late then never. I think that these pictures pick up where we left off. Enjoy!

This is the start of the reading corner and Boogies princess bed.

This mermaid is beautiful and she is a sticker. Seriously an awesome 5ft sticker from Wallies. I will plug this brand because everything that we bought from them was good quality and looked great once we were finished. So check them out, they have a little bit of everything.

This is the reading nook (left) and the music/art/princess area (above). Charlotte spends most of her time in her room now, reading, drawing and playing on the instruments.

This is the finished project below. There is good storage to keep it pretty clean, and she can find and put away her own toys. I would say that if you really want you little person to enjoy playing and imagining on their own, an inspiring room is the way to go. On a budgeting and construction note. I shopped around for everything, and even found stuff like the bed ($5) at a yard sale to keep costs low. Our total work time mostly after work in the evenings was 5 days including one Sunday, and total budget for all supplies was $450. Not to bad for the great room that we got out of it. Good luck with your remodel projects.

1 comment:

Tamara Ann said...

Alright - it's official - we are slackers down here! Don't let BBug see this room or she'll never come back to her own! When we get a new house (ours is back on the market) I'm kidnapping you & my brother to come decorate the kids' rooms!