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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Uhhhh hello, anyone still out there??

I just realized that its been almost a month since I posted anything.  Where has time gone?

So I will start this out slow with a few pictures.

We have been very busy here in hot and muggy north Georgia.  This month  we had three big events and some first for Addison.

First up was our Nephews christening in the middle of the month.  It was so nice to watch this and to get to see family all together.  The girls just loved seeing their cousins and spending some time with them.

Baby S did very good during the whole thing, his big brother was quite tired.

These two cuties are cousin BBug and Buddie Roe, we don't get to see them to often so it is so nice when we are able to get together. BBug and Boogie are only 6 months apart.

These are two very silly little girls, and they have a blast together.

Buddy Roe is quite the charmer.

Here is my favorite picture of my two girls.  Boogie just loves her baby sissy.

After our great family weekend it was time for Jellybean's first Braves game.  If have to to give one thing to Atlanta it does have lots and lots of opportunities to do interesting things with your kids.

So we got to our "great" seats for a $1, yep I said a $1 and settled in.

Despite the height we had a great view of everything.  Planes only buzzed us a couple of times, and the ants on the field we're to hard to see.

Jelly bean was just soaking in the atmosphere and looking at everyone.  Boogie was looking for the Cotton Candy man.

This girl loves her daddy that is for sure. (Oh and look how empty the upper seats are just past Jon, this will be important later)

Boogie loves the games, but also has to do something to keep herself entertained.

Please notice what is behind me in this picture....RAIN!  Lots and lots and lots of it.  However, our GREAT seats, really turned out to be great because they were covered, and we didn't even get sprinkled on.  WooHoo!!

Please definitely notice the gorgeous blue eyes in this picture, because I just love them so much, but also look behind Jon now.  LOL!!  Everyone moved up into the cheap seats.  Booyah we only paid a $1 for our seats!!

As the evening wore on tiredness set in, and it was time to pack up and go.  Mind you when we were there the Braves were losing, as soon as we left the stadium they turned it around and won.  Go figure.

We did have to get a picture with this guy before we left though...

See you in October Mickey!!

Our last outing this month was to our great Georgia Aquarium, recently put in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest aquarium in the world.  Go us!!

The best day to visit the Aquarium is on Sunday morning, the crowds are so small that you can really enjoy the tanks and walk around at your leisure till about noon with no problems.

I however thought that the aquarium opened at 9am so I set the alarm and rushed the girls up and dressed so that we could make it there early.  Boy was I glad they were sluggish, because actually it doesn't open until 10 and we were ushered into a small waiting area with at least 100 other people and kept there.

For quiet a while...

Jellybean was not really impressed by the Yellow Fin Jacks which were in the tanks surrounding our holding pin.

This was our last photo in the holding cell and we were finally let in.  The good thing about being the first ones in is that you might get lucky, and be the first and only persons in an exhibit and we were.  We were the only ones to walk into the Tropical Diver, and the divers were in the tanks so they got to wave and interact with Boogie.  It was a lot of fun.  The fish and coral are of course beautiful as well.

The girls just didn't know what to look at first, but I think they are both looking at a different diver at the top of the tank.

Boogie also liked the interactive touch screens, you could pick out your favorite fish while you were looking at them and then learn all about them.  A very cool feature.

These are the tropical fish and of course Boogie had to pose.  She did this all by herself I promise.  I think we might be in trouble in a few years.  LOL!!

We walked around all of the exhibits and saw the new Penguin exhibit and the Beluga's and even the Sea Otter's but Boogies favorite part.....the gift shop. *Sigh*

Jellybean was kinda over it pretty fast, so after about an hour and a half, we packed it up, got through the gift shop with minor monetary damage and headed home.  On the way we did make a pit stop for Steak n Shake because who can resist Steak n Shake.  Jellybean was great for a while and played with her toys, but once the food arrived she decided she was hungry too, so she ate, Boogie ate and I got a to-go box.  Ahhhh the joys of being a mom.

So that has been our month thus far, kinda busy, especially if you put in working full time a trip for Jellybean to the ER another to run some tests and all my running that I have been doing.  We're definitely full up here.

Speaking of running I will have an update on that coming up soon, but Belle and I are doing great, and participating in our 1st 5K together on Saturday.  More to come soon.....Tata for now!!

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