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Monday, August 30, 2010

This will be fast....

Now I really don't have much time here, but I wanted to update you all on the running part of my life.  This weekend Belle and I entered our first 5K of our training together.  It was the 2nd Annual DI Dash benefiting Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.  It started in Marietta square, one of my favorite places and ran through some of the pretty neighborhoods in the area ending up back in the square.  Everything that I read said this was a nice even course, with only one major hill on the backside of the course.  To those people I have to say, "Where do you train the Alps?"  It was a beautiful course and well organized and secured, but this course was not flat, not to mention you finished the race on an uphill, an uphill!!  Does every race in the world end on an uphill.  The only hills in the Disney Princess 1/2 marathon are in the last 3 miles of the race.  Seriously!

Anyway,  Belle and I got there nice and early and picked up our swag, drank some water, stretched and waited for the start.  They were timely and the running began right at 7:30 am.  We had two goals; Run the first mile no matter what and finish the race in no more then 40 minutes.  Well I am happy to say that we got one out of two goals accomplished.  I sabotaged the 1 mile goal by having a night out with my husband the evening before.  We had just a bit to much fun, but in my defense the band was so good we just didn't want to leave.   So at about 3/4's of a mile I had to stop and walk a bit, to control my breathing.  despite walking we still finished our 1st mile in 11 minutes and 22 seconds our best time ever for the first mile.  The second mile was 13 minutes and we finished the race, on and uphill mind you, in, drum roll please......38 minutes flat!

I am so proud of Belle and I we really ran our hearts out.  I have a couple of photos but well their a little less then attractive, of me anyway.  I doubt you'll be seeing them here, but there will be photos in the future.  Our plan now is to run at least on 5K a month and 1 10K by December.  Our next 5K is scheduled for September 16th, though downtown Atlanta, and folks that is far from a flat course.  We are shooting to shave 3 minutes off of our previous time.  That's the goal, cross your fingers for us.

Ta ta for now!!

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