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Monday, November 29, 2010


Oh its Monday after an holiday, so that explains the extremely creative title for my Thanksgiving blog. I am sitting hear eating my super yummy turkey salad sandwich and trying to recount our great weekend.  It was action packed so I will only hit on Thursday.

Thursday morning was early because PJ wakes up about 7:30 and babbles for about 30 minutes and then is ready to start the day.  I wanted to be out of the shower before she was irate so I got up at the first sign of babbling and jumped in the shower.  Once she was happy and fed I put some sweet rolls in the oven and got ready to reintroduce Boogie to a Thanksgiving morning tradition, The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.  I was so excited, but I am sad to report she just wasn't that interested.  Still we watched a bit, ate our sweet rolls with Mimi who came to visit and then decided to hit the sale at Walgreen's before starting our contributions to Thanksgiving Dinner at the Cooper's.  Walgreen's had some great sales and we filled up a cart to the tune of $40, not bad at all.  I'm telling you when your on a budget it is worth it to scout out the sales, mom and I kicked butt.

Once we got back though it was time to get down to the nitty gritty.  That meant that Mom and Boogie made a homemade apply pie, and it was just too cute....

I did the pealing and mom did the coring and chopping, but Boogie got to do all the mixing and filling.

Boogie was very happy about her pie, and baking with her Mimi...

Boogie even got to put the A on top, she is doing very well learning to write her alphabet

Do you think they were happy with the finished product?

While Mom and Boogie were working on this I was working on a fabulous tray of The Pioneer Woman's Mac n Cheese.  I highly recommend this recipe if you love Mac and Cheese.  I just finished off the last of it today with my sandwich and it was still sinful.

I had to get Jon into the act so that I could snap some pictures, because I didn't want the cheese sauce to burn.

Jon then retaliated with pictures of me and little Trifecta...not my best side here.

Adding more cheese because you can never, ever, ever have enough cheese in mac n cheese.

The finished product just before the top layer of cheese and a smidge of time in the oven. Folks that I pure heaven in a casserole dish right there.

Once everything was made it was time to head over to my in laws for some more yummy food, and they did not disappoint.  Check out the feast that we enjoyed.

A wonderful array of food, and of course a prayer of Thanksgiving for being with such good friends and family.

Amazing desserts, notice Mimi and Boogie's pie in the middle left of the picture.

 A gorgeous table to sit down at and enjoy our feast.

Beautiful attention to detail including a Thanksgiving card for everyone.

Even PJ got a turkey (hee hee) we she did get some Mac and cheese, sweet potatoes, stuffing and mashed potatoes, so she was stuffed like that turkey.

After such a great meal it was just time to sit back and relax and let the girls entertain us a bit.

They sure do love each other and I sure am glad.

Pretty soon it was time to go home.  We loaded up PJ, but Boogie decided to have a sleepover with Nah Nah and Bop.  So we headed home, happy and full of good food, ready to tackle the next obstacle...Black Friday shopping.  BRING IT ON!!!

Just for giggles here is our very own Lady Gaga and PJ showing off her new teeth....

Boogie is very Fashion Forward.

PJ is more then happy to show off those teeth.

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