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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween brings out all the crazy people....

That's why I'm back. :D

I thought since I had been MIA for so long I would start out with some cute pictures so that you all would forgive me and hang in there for what I promise will be interesting and more frequent updates.  I mean we just had Boogie's birthday trip to Disney to tell you guys about, and it was so action packed I need multiple posts for that.  Then there is little Trifecta who is hanging in there and growing strong.  I got to hear his/her heartbeat for the first time Monday and boy was that reassuring.  If you hang in with me I should have pictures of the little booger for you next Thursday.  We also have Jon's 33rd birthday coming up and festivities are planned, although I might not be able to show you pictures of that.  Not to mention the holidays, which will definitely generate stories and photos.  So I am begging you please come back and hang out with me, I promise my dedication will be better.

As a peace offering let me pacify you with adorable pictures from Halloween. :D

So we had a theme this year, kinda fun to have more then one kid because then you can have a theme.  The theme was suppose to be A barrel of monkey's and both the girls were going to be monkey's but we had a hard time finding a costume for Boogie that didn't cost $50.  So a great alternative came to light....
A Zoo Keeper...go me!!

Of course finding a cutie Monkey out fit for the Jellybean was easier then easy, but in my quest for Boogie's monkey costume I also found a great costume for Jon as well.....

Yep, I actually got him to dress up like a 6ft tall banana.  This man would do anything for his girls.  They loved it.

Addy despite looking less then thrilled loved her Monkey costume, and it kept her nice and warm as we walked.  At one point though we did have a slight wardrobe malfunction...

The costume tried to eat her, but

We were able to rescue her. :D

Boogie did good with her stash despite having to give up all the chocolate.  One piece of chocolate to Boogie is like 3 shots of espresso, so no chocolate.

Mommy and Daddy were more then happy to take care of that for her. :D  Don't worry she gets a tiny piece here and there so we are not totally heartless.

With all the fun and excitement it wasn't long before my little monkey was out for the night.

Although I don't have a picture her big sister wasn't far behind her, leaving Jon and I plenty of time to end our Halloween night with Tim Burton's Sleepy Hallow.  All in all a great Halloween.

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