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Monday, April 4, 2011

April Fools Recap...

Friday I woke up and thought..Hhhmmmm its April Fool's I'll send out an email to everyone and tell them that I am in labor.  Then I thought no way Jose you will freak everyone in your family out beyond belief.  So I didn't because I didn't want to scare everyone, I was good.

Well the universe that had been conspiring against me all week had other plans.  About 9:15 I started having contractions, and by noon when the nurse called back they were pretty strong and pretty regular.  I counted them out at about 10 minutes apart.  I was told to go to Labor & Delivery and get checked out because I was only 33 weeks and well that is just a bit early for  a baby if you can help it.  So I went, and by the time they got me back and got me hooked up to a monitor the contractions were about every 5-6 minutes.  Not unbearable but very noticeable and now I was worried.

It took 5 hours to actually see the doctor, which I thought was just a bit much considering that I was now having contractions every 3-4 minutes and they were more painful.  I was checked and there was thankfully no progress but they were coming quick and strong, so I was given fluids and a pill to try to stop them.  I think the fluids made it worse rather then better, and I was asked to go leave a urine sample so they could check for a UTI.  Now let me tell you, I have had a UTI they suck, and I know what they feel like, but I had no symptoms what so ever, not one.  Guess what I had a UTI and it helped to start the contractions.  So then I get antibiotics and more fluids, now by this point, really I am writhing in pain because the contractions were so hard and so close together, and I had amazing back pain.  This is honestly the pain point with PJ where I got the epidural because the contractions were so strong, but no epidural Friday night, I just sat and waited, and waited and waited.

I saw the doc again very briefly to be checked to make sure I hadn't progressed with the hard contractions, and while I had softened a bit there was do dilation, so I was give the choice to either stay the night or go home.  Well this was already an expensive date night for Jon and I so we chose to go home.  We could get back to the hospital quickly if we had to, and our bed was definitely more comfortable then what I was in there.  So with scripts in hand we headed home at 10:30pm exhausted an thankful that Princess #3 had decided to stay put.

Looks like the April Fools joke was on us!  That will teach me to even think about joking about being in labor.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

HA! Well, I'm glad that you were not in early labor and that you will be feeling better soon!