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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...My Sisters

Actually my parents didn't give me sisters, just one little brother that I loved to torment as a child.  However, when I was deciding to go to college I only looked at two because I "knew" where I was going to go...Stetson University.  Just to keep my options open though, I also applied at a small liberal arts college in South Carolina that was an all women's college.  No way was going to go there, but the music program was good and they seem genuinely interested to have me there, so mom and I went to check it out.  In 1999 I graduated with a Bachelor in Music - Vocal Performance from Converse College, that all women's school that there was no way I was going to. 

Those 4 years were some of the best of my life thus far.  I have amazing memories of good times in the dining hall, hallway sleepovers and shouts of "Man on the Hall" to announce a male visitor.  Matter of fact I had just started dating my husband (long distance) when I started my freshman year at Converse so he shares many of my memories as well. All that said the most precious thing that I received during my time at Converse were my sisters.  I think they are why God urged me to this school, yes the academics and faculty were excellent, and class size was extremely small, but God knew that as I moved forward in my life I would need sisters, and so he sent me to a place where a could find a diverse group of amazing women to call my sisters.  Many of these women I have known as long as my husband, and just like him, I can not begin to imagine my life without any of them.  So as a little tribute here they are, some of the most amazing sisters that a women could ever ask for, and I thank God for them every single day. :D

We are all spread out across the eastern part of the US but somehow we always find a way to see each other.  Especially for big events, like weddings.

Divorce Showers/Baby Showers

10 Year College Reunion

Baby showers for twins!!

Revisiting the place where we all met.

4th of July

Kids Birthdays

These are my wonderful sisters that I have had the pleasure and honor to know and love for the past 16 years.  I love you all!!


Rachel said...

Beth, you are made of glitter and angels wiings. Beautiful job. Thank God for all of it. Love ya. R

Southern Gal said...

Such a rare treasure and blessing.

gbelladauna said...

I love you, insert a not necessarily accepted by general society term of endearment here.

Rebecca said...

BEST Blog post EVER!!!