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Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy (Soggy) Halloween

Well Halloween 2009 has come and gone, but despite the cold and the rain we had a great time. First up was Boo at the Zoo at Zoo Atlanta. Wisely I think they moved it from a night event to a day time event, which was great and the girls loved the animals. :D I loved the fact that Krispy Kreme was there giving out free mini chocolate dipped Halloween sprinkle donuts. Mmmmmm!

Boogie and A loved getting pictures with all the characters.

Note the rain boots, these were not my idea for the costume but they ended up being perfect for this:
Charlotte just had to try them out and they passed the test with flying colors...however the bottom of the paper trick or treat bag did not pass the water test *Sigh*. Thank you Fisher Price for handing out plastic bags. :D

Addison also wanted to get into the Halloween spirit so we donned this festive number for our attempt at a mommy/daughter costume. Can you see the baby skeleton in the belly, the whole thing glowed in the dark, Boogie loved it.

Once we were done at the zoo it was time for a yummy lunch with friends at Steak and Shake and then a rest before the big event. Unfortunately the big event this year meant umbrellas, but lucky for us Nah Nah and Bop were quite prepared for such weather and the night was saved.

Tickle our amazingly tolerant American Bulldog also got to go Trick or Treating in her Halloween costume. I love this dog she is simply fabulous!
The girls had a great time and once we had made it to about 20 houses, decided it was time to call it a night. All in all we walked for about 45 minutes, I can bet you this will be the shortest Trick or Treat we have from here on out. :D

There were plenty of spoils for everyone and the girls got to help Nah Nah hand out candy to the rest of the nights' Trick or Treaters.

Boogie even had a preview for you of next years family costume theme...can you guess what it might be. :D Jon is so excited about this I can hardly explain his enthusiasm to you.

She is already practicing her lines for this one. :D

I think she's could pass for Smitty for Peter Pan in this picture. LOL!!

ARRRG, Hope ye had a Happy Halloween, Maties. ARRG!

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