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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

His most important job......

We are expecting another little baby girl in February, and we couldn't be more pleased. Boogie will have a little sister to play with and dote on and I just imagine that they will have a great relationship. This is my vision of the future and I will hold to it tightly. Now had it been a boy there would have been an all out fight over the name, DH wanted a junior and I was having none of that, so when the sonographer said it was a girl I thought we had the name in the bag. Abigail Grace..simple and done. Boy was I wrong, so wrong, more wrong then I have ever been in my life.

DH decided that HE would be the one to name the newest female member of our family, since as he pointed out Boogies name was all my idea. I was okay with this since Jon has pretty good taste and doesn't suggest things like Satellite or Blueberry. However, he also decided that he didn't really want to talk about it and would decide when he decided. Hmmmmmph! Now here is where my personal agony began, Jon is a little strong willed (no clue who he might have passed that on to) and so when he said that he would pick a name when he was good and ready, that is what he meant. That didn't sit very well with me at all. Why? Well here is my reasoning.

I know that there is a little girl growing bigger and stronger inside of me everyday. It's not an IT anymore it is a gender specific little person, and as such should be addressed by a name. She should have an identity even now, we should love her now as the little person that she will be when she's born. We should love her as Firstname Grace Cooper. (Ha, ha you'll notice that I did get to pick her middle name, but that is another post.) So back to my dilemma, I made a list of 25 names that I liked and handed it to Jon about a month ago and said here are some of the names that I like what do you think? We looked together and talked about a few but nothing really caught his eye. I was a little upset because quite a few of those names I really really liked, but his choice. So I waited a couple of weeks and there was no other mention or discussion of a name, nothing, so I made another list and gave it to him Monday night. He took it and said I'll decide when I'm ready to decide. Now people I am pregnant and that was it. Monday night for me was the last straw and I was upset that my wonderful DH was just being pigheaded about this because he could be. I didn't cry but I was close.

Well good husband that he is Jon realized that enough was enough. We've known we're having a wonderful little girl for almost a month now, and for almost a month she has been nothing but Baby Girl Cooper, so he really looked at the list this time. Finally he found two names he really liked, two names I liked, and one name that Boogie would bless. In our house it is always the 3 year old that gets final say of course.

So I am happy to finally be able to call this amazing little being growing inside me by her name. It's a beautiful name . We will be so excited to introduce you all to Addison Grace Cooper sometime in late February. Jon took his most important job very seriously and named his new daughter very well, even if he was a bit pigheaded about the whole thing. :D

1 comment:

Tamara Ann said...

I LOVE it!! I think you both did a wonderful job on the names, they are gorgeous as I'm sure my newest niece will be!