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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I can see clearly now...

Lately here in the Atlanta area it seems like we have beautiful warm weeks and then cold rainy blustery weekends, so far three in a row. The first one was not a big deal we were just getting back from Florida, and needed to clean and put stuff away, did I mention that I am nesting? :D The second weekend we were hoping for good weather as we were scheduled to meet with Amy of Amy Hoga Photography to have a maternity shoot. Amy does gorgeous natural light photography, which means outside, and for that you need the weather to cooperate. Well at 2pm on that Saturday it was raining but look promising to clear up by Sunday so we pushed it back to Sunday at 4pm. Drove to the location on Sunday at 4 and the weather had gone from bad to worse, so time to reschedule. No pictures that weekend, but we did get some last minute stuff for baby Addison, and some great clothes as well. Thanks Nah Nah! Oh and there was that small breakdown in Babies R Us, but that is an entirely different post that I am sure many of you can relate to.

So back to the weather and getting some pictures done. Amy was fantastic since I am getting close to my due date (only about 3 weeks to go) and rescheduled to this past Saturday. Now all week the weather was simply beautiful and warm, there was a chance of rain on Sunday but nothing horrible and Saturday was suppose to be warm and partly cloudy. Uh huh right...this is what happened. Woke up Saturday to an extremely overcast day, not a big deal sometimes even better then direct light for pictures, but still extremely overcast. We headed out to run a couple of errands for Jon before we left for our pictures and discovered that not only was it overcast, but also very cold and there was a VERY brisk wind. VERY BRISK. So we crossed our fingers bundled up, ran the errands and prayed that the weather might get a little better by 1pm for our outdoor photo session.

Um no. I have to say that everyone was a trooper, and Amy did a fantastic job. On her website which you really should check out she suggests 1-3 hours for a session just depending. We were done and happy with the time in just 30 minutes. LOL!! I mean Boogie was starting to freeze to things, and her poor little cheeks looked like red apples. Still despite the gloomy sky, the cold temperatures and the very brisk wind (I am dying to see how the wind blown look worked for me) I think we got some good shots, and that is a testament to the artistic ability of the photographer.

So Amy in her nice torturous way sent a sneak peek of three of the shots from the day. I love them, and I think the first may be one of my favorites. Boogie really is the most photogenic person in our family with Jon a close second, I think its the eyes. Here is the link to her Facebook page if you would like to have a look.

I love this sneak peek but if they are all this good then it is going to be absolute TORTURE to wait to see the others this weekend. TORTURE!!! Still I will strive to make it to the weekend and just fill my empty nights with school work and my own pictures of Boogie. Which by the way I have for another posting. It will focus on Boogie and her love affair with her vicious Bulldog Tickle the Thickle. So have a look at the sneak peek and let me know what you think. If I can then I will post all the photos for you to look at once I get them. Obviously they are copyright so I am not sure if I can but if I can I will share.

Oh and if you like what you see and want Amy to shoot some pictures for you here is her website, she is fabulous and I highly recommend her. She will be doing Addison's Newborn photos as well, and we definitely can't wait for that. :D Enjoy!!!

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