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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tickle the Thickle

Bulldogs are some of the most misunderstood animals still kept as pets. Many people look at them and just see what is shown on the news and in the papers of vicious fighting dogs, you rarely here what good family dogs there. How loyal they are to their families and how much they love the children in those families. I have to admit that while I try to be very open minded about all breeds and mixed breeds of dogs I was apprehensive of bulldogs. I mean they have big powerful jaws and they always seem to snap and devour some little kid or something. So when Jon decided to get a Bulldog with out 1 year old I was pretty nervous, but she was the cutest little puppy so we kept her. Best decision that we ever made she is my daughters best friend and about as vicious as a couch potato. Actually had we know her true nature when we first got her at 6 weeks old we would have just called her coma or rock with moss growing on it or perhaps couch potato or floor ornament, because well she is not very energetic and that is putting it mildly.

This is the vicious Tickle at Halloween, Boogie insisted that they both be ladybugs, you can see that Tickle vehemently was opposed to this idea.

This is what she looked like after walking two blocks, not even two blocks but she just couldn't go on and we had to take her home to rest.

This is her most energetic pose right here, rolling over to get her tummy rubbed. Jon can actually sit on the couch and brush her teeth.

Charlotte (Ring pop in her mouth)decided that Tickle needed to get into the Christmas spirit too. So she decorated her with festive stars. Tickle was very disturbed by this.

Can you see the anger in her eyes, she just wasn't putting up with this at all. It's getting ready to come to a head in the next picture....

Or maybe she'll just sleep it off because eventually she knows that I will rescue her from the 3 year old, so why exert more energy then she has to.

Boogie loves her Tickle, they wake up on the couch together on the weekends watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Usually Boogie curls up behind Tickle and rests her head on her back and they snooze a bit more while the cartoons play. This is her friend, this lump of a couch potato, who allows Boogie to wipe her eyes from time to time.

This the most teeth that you will see out of these two and if you notice its on the three year old. Now I am not saying that Tickle doesn't growl or hasn't scared a person or two away from our fence, but I have a totally different take on Bulldogs now. And obviously Boogie loves her very much.

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