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Thursday, January 21, 2010


I will not ask your forgiveness I will just explain a bit and then you can think what you will, but I will make it up to you with a couple of cute pictures of boogie at the end....

I realize that I have not posted in about a month..bad bad me. However we were out of town for almost two weeks over Christmas. Yes there was a computer available, but there was also a 3 year old to chase after, Christmas Eve, Christmas, Sea World with my family, New Years Eve, New Years Day and a baby shower, so we really were busy during that time. By the time I got back to work on the 5th I was also gearing up to go back to school. So now I am working full time, going to school full time and nesting full time.

Yep nesting...with much anticipation. We only have about 4 weeks, 3 if I get my way. I am thinking that induction is the way to go for me if I don't go into labor by the 12th of February. Now I know you should wait till the baby is ready, but people my family has big babies and Boogie was just shy of 9lbs and she was a week early so even by inducing on the 12th I would still run the chance of another close to 9lb baby. Think about birthing that ladies, you half expect them to walk when they pop out. :D So I am thinking 3 weeks but we'll see what the OB says.

Back to the has produced a fairly clean house, a couple of trips to the Goodwill and lots of organization, especially in the girls room. I'll make sure to get you some pictures since it looks so freaking cute. What it has also got is an exhausted me, really really exhausted to the point that everyone was asleep last night at 9pm. Unheard of at our house. Nesting has also gotten me a few trips up and down the attics steps that creek and groan under me, and a husband that huffs and asks me to stop trying to move the crib without him. I'm a little resistant to waiting on his help from time to time by this point. :D I want it done and I want it done now! Jon has his own time table and it usually doesn't mesh with mine, especially now. Poor hubby.

So taking that all into consideration, I have totally forgotten to post on this blog. I know bad blogger, bad, not Krispy Kreme for you. So I will TRY my hardest to at least post every few days. There have been a lot of things going on since the New Year so there is lots to talk about, just have to find the time and the energy to do it. Finding a few weeks from now is going to be really really fun. :D

So in closing thanks for your patience and I promise as my only New Years resolution to be better about posting.

Just to smooth things over here are a couple of shots of Boogie from around Christmas. Enjoy!!!

This picture has a great includes Boogie and I doing push ups (33 weeks pregnant thank you) with Cookie Monster at Sea World. :D

This one is actually from Sept. and my brother's wedding but it is one of my favs. so I thought I would include it. She was over the wedding rehearsal at this point, but she sure did do a good job. :D

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