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Friday, January 14, 2011


Now I know you guys from up North or out West are just going to laugh your butts off, but we have been paralyzed by 5 inches of snow here in Atlanta.  Seriously, yesterday was the first day that I was able to make it back to work, and schools have been closed for a week now.  Our interstates looked like sheets of glass for 2 whole days and then yesterday, sheets of glass with holes.  Taking the girls to daycare was seriously a lesson in ice driving as I had to get enough momentum at the bottom of the hill to make it to the top without having to touch the gas or breaks along that journey.  It was interesting.  Luckily  today the sun is out and our temps are above freezing so the ice is starting to melt. Whew!

All that being said I absolutely love, love, love the snow.  Could not wait for it to start, tried not to get my hopes up in case it turned into just a couple of flakes, but woo hoo at all the fun snow we got.  Boogie was more then excited to wake up Monday morning to about 5 inches of snow, and Jon even got to stay home with us for a couple of days and play, it was wonderful.  However by day three I was absolutely ready to come back to work, so yesterday we ventured out and I finally made it in by 10am.  Now life should get back to normal, but wow  what a great snowcation.

So to walk you through all the excitement down here in Atlanta here are some photos.  Come on you didn't think I'd leave you hanging without photos did you.

The snow event started off pretty tame, although by Friday night Kroger (local grocery store) was completely out of bread.  Anyway nothing really started happening until late Sunday night, late enough that Boogie only got to see the very first flakes start to fall before she scooted off to bed.

These pictures were taken about 9:15pm after about 10 minutes of snow.  By Atlanta standards it was coming down pretty good.

 After about 45 minutes we were getting a pretty good coating

 Please remember this is Atlanta and snow like this doesn't happen often

 Doesn't my little car look so cute in the snow.

Pretty good  snow fall

 About 11pm just a couple more photos for  posterity

 Told you it was coming down pretty good

Oh and that I like the snow

Then it was time for bed, to dream of what we would see in the morning.  I mean of course if the snow was coming down that heavy there would be a snow day right?

 You bet your behinds there was a snow day!!

 Just look at how much snow we got.

 It was so pretty.

 Even Jon's grandfather's old truck and boat look pretty

Boogie's little play house.

Imagine how excited Boogie was to wake up to all of this.  PJ wanted her bottle first but Boogie wanted to put her snow pants on and go play.  Yes we own snow pants.  I pick up a pair every year just in case, I got this years for $3, so if it didn't snow it wasn't a huge loss.  PJ even has a cute little snow suit that my MIL picked up for $1, just wait there's a picture.

 Boogie just loved the snow and was beside herself with excitement.

 She had to inspect my car and later we cleaned it off together.

 PJ wasn't to thrilled by all of this, but look at that cute little snow suit.

 She just kept looking and looking, and not a me of course..

 until finally this face said please take me in where it is warm!

 Once PJ was warm and down for her nap, it was time to go back outside and break up the snow.

 By whatever means necessary, and to Boogie that meant full body plunges.

 We don't own a sled or a disk or anything like that (Atlanta remember), so Jon went out to his shop and made one for Boogie.

 It was a bit hard to keep upright and balanced so she wasn't squealing with glee yet, but once she got the hang of it she was.

 I am so glad that my hubby is such a creative think outside the box type of man.

 Once the sledding was done, Jon had to pull out the 4-wheeler and have a cruise around the neighborhood.  Of course Boogie had to go with him.  They definitely had rosie cheeks when they got back considering it was only about 26 degrees.

 Still once the 4-Wheeler was parked it was time to get back to breaking up that snow and ice.

 Boogie tried to make a snow angel, but the ice layer on the top of the snow wouldn't budge.  The snow wasn't good for making snow men either, so a bit of a bummer, but she didn't let it get her down.

 Not without a fight anyway.

 She knows that she has to stop every now and then and let mommy get a pretty picture.

 Then its right back to the task at hand...

 This girl is all action

 Then pause...

 and roll, and smile. I have her trained well.

 She  had to stop for a moment though to collect herself because....

Gee from next door was coming over to play in the snow too...

 These two have been friends their entire little lives, their so cute.

Finally after a couple of hours of playing in the snow it was time to go in and warm up.  We definitely made it back out in the next few days, but this was the best day.  Suffice to say I think that Boogie has my love of snow.

Hope you enjoyed our adventures in Snowlanta, we will return to our Disney discussion on Monday.  Until then have a fabulous weekend and thanks for stopping by. 

1 comment:

Carrie said...

That snow is crazy!!!! I love the pictures of the kids playing and having a ball in it. Allie Claire is itching to spot some snow out our windows. Sweet pea doesn't understand that we live in Florida, which means we have a -2% chance of it actually snowing here!