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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Doing Disney

Here is just a sneak peak of my blogs to come.  I am back tracking a bit and the next few blogs will be all about taking a toddler and a baby on a successful 1st trip to DISNEY!!  For now enjoy a few photos of our fun.

1st up Downtown Disney
 The Lego Lagoon Monster

 Huge fish tank behind our table in T-Rex (highly recommend this place)

Boogie with some of her Lego Canine friends

1st full day in the parks = Princess Birthday @ The Magic Kingdom

 A very early start, but good job Mom with the picture.

 Ah the castle in the early morning Florida light

 If I pulled on her hair this hard there would be a tantrum of epic proportions

 The happy princess on Prince Charming's carousel

 Love this picture, they all kept calling her a travel size Cinderella

 Its a lovely holiday with Mary...

The whole gang minus Mimi and Papa

Day 2 late start = back to Magic Kingdom (but a very abbreviated trip)

 Getting ready to board the boat again for MK

 Not an exceptionally happy camper, should have seen this sign

 Pretty fairy makeup, but the fairy is not the happiest

 Minnie's house was hit, but....

 The line for the Princesses was too long and it was the beginning of the end

 We did squeeze in a ride on the Wedway People Mover, but it was definitely time to go back to the cabin.

That night (after a good long nap) it was time to roast Marshmallows and meet up with some friends.

Day 3 last day in the parks = Another early morning and Animal Kingdom

On the bus heading for Animal Kingdom, it was early but everyone was well rested

 Boogie and her Mimi waiting in line for the Safari

 PJ decided to take a snooze while on safari (no clue how she did this)

 Next we came across some great drums to beat on

 We were also lucky enough to catch Winnie the Pooh and friends before they went for a honey break

 We ended up having them all to ourselves, see Tigger patiently waiting his turn to see us. :D

 PJ took another nap and Pocahontas wanted a sleepy picture with her

Mimi and Papa were invaluable on this trip, I highly recommend grandparents for Disney.

 Another friendly face showed up in the parade

 Then it was back to MK for the Main Street Electrical Parade and Fireworks that night

 You would not even believe me if I told you how far back I was standing to take this photo and without a tripod too. (love my camera)

It was definitely a good day!

I hope I have peaked your interest especially if you will be traveling to MK in the near future.  We learned some really good lessons that I would love to pass on, and there will be more great photos.  All in all we had a marvelous first trip to The World and can not wait to go back.


Gina Alfani said...

Awesome photos!!! I am a big kid who still adores Disney :)

You mentioned "back to the cabin" . . . I'm assuming you stayed at Ft. Wilderness . . . I love that place! It is an attraction for adults . . .

My favorite photo is your princess with the princesses . . . love the face makeup too . . . and the Electrical Parade (haven't seen that in years . . . they just brought it back!)

I need to pull out some old photos from Disney World and do a "vintage Disney" post . . . thanks for reminding me how much I love Disney World! I really enjoyed your photos and look forward to the post about your vacation.

Stop by and link up your WW post to my linky . . . Bloggerville must see these photos and your little princess!

Hope you are having an awesome week . . . Gina

TryItMom said...

Yay for Disney! I am a Disney nut, and we took JD the first time when he was 7 months. We are headed to Disneyland in March with the 2 boys, and I will definitely be reading any tips you have for taking baby + toddler!

LeeAnn said...

It looks like you had a great trip! Your little princes was absolutely fun! We love the T-Rex Cafe too.

Thanks for linking up with me Wednesday. Cute blog!