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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Pictures of small children

Okay however said taking a photo of a group of small children was easy, clearly was only photographing sleeping children.  My wonderful in laws requested a photo with all their grandchildren when we were all together over the holidays.  I agreed, and this is how it went.

Finally a photo that everyone was happy with

It only took about 35 photos to get the one above, and the dramatic crying child may or may not belong to the photographer.  Still these photos will definitely make me laugh in a few years.

Happy wordless Wednesday!


LeeAnn said...

Oh you have one of those "dramatic crying child" too? LOL Sometimes I wonder what my daughter thinks the camera is going to do to her. haha And yeah, it is literally impossible to get a decent picture of that many kids. Kudos to you for trying!

Thanks for linking up today. Happy WW!

Typical Suburban Family said...

Taking a pic of one kiddo is not easy all the time. Let alone that many!! Kudos to you for getting a great shot! Love it!

Susan Evans said...

Isn't that always the way it is? LOL!

Uyen said...

OMG!! Do I know what you're talking about! You get one kid to look and smile and the other is like looking away or something. It's awful!