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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

One is the loveliest number...

Well my little PJ is officially 1. *Sigh* Where does the time go?  She's not walking yet, but before you know it I'll be chasing after her, while balancing her new baby sissy in my arms.  It just seems like this year has flown by.

Anyway enough  mushy stuff...

We had a nice little get together on Saturday to celebrate and the weather cooperated wonderfully.  If you don't know we live in a cozy (small) 1950 cottage.  It gets really really cozy (claustrophobic) when you put 12 children ages 1-16 and 12 adults give or take into it.  Not that I am complaining, because it is wonderful to have so many family and friends to celebrate with, but I was exceedingly glad that it was sunny and 62 on Saturday.

We decided to do a Ladybug theme for her 1st birthday and I decided to attempt to make the cake myself.  I have never done anything but a regular old round cake, and maybe a bundt cake from time to time so I was excited when the ladybug cake came out so well.  Actually I was pretty proud of myself.

Here is the birthday girl, just hanging out before all the real excitement began.  She slowly made the rounds and said hello to everyone.

No walking yet, but crawling got her where she wanted to go just fine.  I also have to say that she is getting pretty darn fast too.

Mimi flew up to visit from Florida, and our Atlanta weather was just a bit to cold for her Florida blood.

We of course had to have a pinata with all the kids that were coming and the birthday girl had to get a swing at it.

All the kiddos got a turn of course but L was the slugger that sent the treats flying.

That in turn sent the kids flying.  Not sure how happy the parents were with all the treats but the kids were in love for sure.

Auntie Summer surprised us with a visit which is turn led to one of maybe two photos that I have of her and Jon.  They photograph well so I need more photos don't you think?

With the pinata done it was time for the real fun to begin...the smash cake.  I was so excited, Boogie just dug into hers we cleaned icing out of that child's nose for weeks.  PJ not so much...

She would pull off a spot and eat it, then pull of another spot and eat it....

This went on for quite a while, people were starting to leave the sun was starting to set, something had to be done.

So some kind person shoved her had down in the cake and well that look of delighted surprise just says it all.

Not that she went crazy and face planted it into the back of that cute ladybug, oh no, but the snacking did pick up a little bit.  Boogie was certainly happy, because she wanted to get on to the presents.

I was practical in my gift requests...if someone asked what they should bring I of course said nothing, she has everything.  Once you have one girl the one that follows really does usually have everything from her big sister,so it wasn't a lie.

However, if someone insisted that they just couldn't come with out a gift I suggested.  Shoes, Spring clothes, Food, or Diapers.  All things that she will need.

That still did not go over well with some, my mom insisted that that was not a "fun" gift for a 1 year old.  So she also got a couple of dolls and a couple of books.

PJ simply loves books, so she spent most of her time looking her books while Boogie and Jon opened the rest of the gifts.

This book seemed to be her favorite...

She just would not having anything to do with anything else...

until...someone took my advice and got her food.  Then it was all about the puffs and she was back to opening her own gifts thank you very much.

Ah more puffs...her little eyes were just a sparking as she thought about all the yummy goodness.  See people I told you that food was the perfect gift for a 1 year old party.

Once all the gifts were opened and the puffs were pried out of PJ's little hands it was time for everyone to head home.  It was a great day, full of family, friends and laughter.  What more could you ask for?

 Happy first birthday my little Love bug!!

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Jan said...

Awww! She's precious! I love your ladybug cake, and how she pulled off each spot!