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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spacial Insanity....

If you have visited my blog recently you know that we are unexpectedly expecting another little Princess in May.  It took a while to wrap  our heads around this idea, I think I have said that before, but we are not anxiously anticipating our new addition. This go around things have been a lot different for me as my other two pregnancies were, but this one has been really pretty easy. 

The first trimester should never count, because your just getting into the swing of things, your body is completely screwed up with this new little invasion in there and so it does horrible, horrible things to you in retaliation.  However once I hit about 12 weeks or so I started to feel pretty good and now that I am almost at 28 weeks I am feeling pretty great.  Grant you my iron is low and I do get tired, but I also work full time and have two children, a husband and three dogs, not to mention a house to keep up so that might have something to do with it too. 

All in all though I have to say that little Princess Trifecta has been pretty good to me.  I feed her and she takes all my weight, I drink as much water as I can force myself too and she attempts to no jump on my bladder that much. Its a give and take relationship that we both seem to be pretty comfortable with.

So now that Jon and I are physically pretty ready for her to be here and mentally prepared for her to be here, we are in no way spacially prepared for her to be here.  This is where I feel like a horrible procrastinator, we have to physically make room for this little one and that takes lots of planning and time, so its a slow process and we have about 8 weeks to get it all done.  With both of the older girls I am pretty sure that there was a nursery up and ready to function by this point, this go around we don't even have a bassinet ready (we do have a car seat though) and it makes me feel uneasy.  We are getting there but it is again slow going, and well with nesting instincts starting to kick in a bit, I am not really into slow.

So to keep me a little more focused and less crazy about the speed of the Attic remodel I am going to post photos of our progress for you to see each week and tell you what we have had done.  Might not be extremely interesting, but it might keep me from going insane.   So without further ado here is the introduction to this project.

We are converting 1/2 of our attic space into a kinda loft/extra room for our 4 year old, otherwise she would have to sleep in a tent in the back yard when the new baby arrived.  So today I just wanted to show you what we are starting with.

We will call this "Some place Dusty and Dark"....

This is the current and original 1950 opening into the attic.  It squeaks and its a little scary to say the least.  This will disappear in the future.

 Since we live in such a small house we use our whole attic space for storage. We have since this photo cleaned out the entire space and re boxed the important stuff and did away with the unimportant stuff.  It looks much bigger now.
 There used to be two boys that lived up here at one point so there is some outline of a room but we are going to completely revamp it starting with the AC.  You will notice that as it is now it is really really in the way, so it have to be repositioned.
 The room has decent head clearance, and great floor space, especially for a child.  Boogie will probably end up with about 300sqft of floor space once we put in the bed, a little seat and a closet.  She should have plenty of room to grow  a bit.

This is something that we thought we were going to have to move which would mean doing drywall work on the ceiling in the living room.  Now we are just thinking we might make it a little seat or something and disguise it a bit.  Its just the beginning  but at least the project is going.  Hopefully this weekend we will be updating the electrical, and doing some demo on all that beautiful paneling. 

Have a great day everyone!!


Liz said...

Best of luck with your attic reno!

tawna6988 said...

Blog hopping today and am your newest follower. I hope that 1 of my blogs interests you too.

I also do a weekend blog hop, you can link up on open every Friday-Sunday!

Kelly said...

Wow, you have quite a project ahead of you! Good luck, mama :)

Grammy said...

with all the family love put into it this project will be as beautiful as the boggie who will live there!