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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I think that Noah is moving in to GA

Rain rain go away come again another a month from now... after we have had some sunshine and everything in North Georgia has had time to dry out....Amen.

Okay, I am seriously not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but honestly we have not had a week without major rain here in Georgia in the past month. Honestly a month. Boogie and I had headed down to Florida for my brothers wedding when all the rain started and other then maybe 5 days it has not stopped since September 19th.

I know that everyone saw the pictures and video from that week here in the Atlanta area, it was so much worse then they could even portray. People have lost everything, even we sustained a bit of water damage from the heavy amounts of rain and we are no where remotely close to a river, stream or even a drainage ditch. People are still trying to get things cleaned up and dried out and mother nature seems to be working against us. The only good part other then we really did need the rain at the beginning of all this is that the temperatures have also stayed very very low here in Atlanta for this time of year. We're straight into long sleeves and my maternity wardrobe is not equipped for that. :D

So all I am asking for. pleading for, on my knees begging for a reprieve from the rain for a few days. Lawns need to dry out, houses need to dry out and dog gone it we just want to see a little sunshine for a few days. A few days to get out and enjoy the beautiful leaves, get some pumpkins out, enjoy the mums and all the other fall color. We long to be out of our houses and out in world, in the sun. So please please please stop raining just for a few days. We all need a little sunshine, and I can't afford a boat to get to work.

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