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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Well It's a.......

So again let me apologize for neglecting this blog. I am trying to get back into the swing of things, and will do better. Matter of fact you might just be inundated with updates for the next couple of days.

Our big news is that we had a big 20 weeks ultra sound last week and found out that we have a happy healthy baby.......Girl. She is already a big healthy girl weighing in at 12 ounces, I have given up all hopes of having a small baby, Boogie was just under 9lbs, so I expect our little Candy Corn to be close to her big sister. We are working on a name, but as of now DH and I have decided jokingly that Candy Corn Cooper seems very fitting, as it is my favorite fall treat. Hopefully we will have a more fitting name for her in the near future. DH is in charge of naming this one and I have given him my suggestions but ultimately I will leave the choice up to him. However we do know that her middle name will be Grace so at least something is settled.

Boogie is very very excited about having a baby sister. She has picked out a few presents for her, and gives her a kiss before bed every night. She also asks about once a week when her baby sister is going to "Pop out". I just laugh and think of her labor at 14 hours with 2 hours of pushing and an episiotomy and don't think that there is really much popping out that comes with my girls. :D Still we are all thrilled to have this little one on the way.

My other big news is that barring one test, I am finished with school. :D So once this test is sent to me and taken I will be a newly crowned (is that the right term?) Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Yay!! I think its funny that I will have a B.S. in Accounting, anyone else see the humor in that degree? It is very nice to have my degree and be done with school. It gives me a little more time with family and for myself, and to prepare for the little one coming in February. Timing could not have been better.

Our third big event for the month is that Boogie is turning 3!! Can you believe it has already been three years since she was born? I personally am in shock, she is my cute droolie baby and here she is having her very first big girl birthday party. The cake has been ordered, the pinata just awaits its candy and the bouncy house just has to be picked up and all is set. Our yard will be a combination of gruesome Halloween decorations and Disney Princesses, should be quite and interesting site. We have a lot to do to get ready....sooooooooo Boogie is heading out of town for the weekend with her Nah Nah and Bop for Buddy Roe's birthday and DH and I are charged with the task of having everything ready by the time they get back. *Sigh* Its going to be a long weekend.

So there an awesomely long update to take care of the past few weeks. I promise to post some pictures this weekend of our family trip to the beach in August and of Boogies 1st gig as a Flower Girl. She did very good I was pleasantly surprised. But those stories are for another post. Catch you guys later....

1 comment:

Tamara Ann said...

Ahem...if my dear, sweet, loving, favorite older (notice I didn't say oldest) brother is taking suggestions for names - I have, I mean KNOW a lovely one that begins with T! And just think, atleast yours is a girl, I tried to get C & C to name H. after me too :)

And CONGRATS on the bs! HA! Seriously, I'm proud of ya.