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Monday, October 12, 2009


I don't think that whew accurately describes the weekend that we had, but its as close as I can get without a picture of my husband and I passed out. :D Why do you have to go into major cleaning mode before people come to your house? I mean it is nice to have a super clean house and all, but usually you just over do it. Case in point, Boogie's 3rd birthday party is this weekend. The party favors are purchased , the Bouncy house is reserved, the present is carefully hidden in the back seat of my husbands truck, and so now we must get the yard ready for all the little kids to play in. What??? Get the yard ready for little kids, do they really care. Well apparently we think so.

With the threat of rain looming for the rest of the week, hubby and I realized that Saturday and Sunday, while free of Boogie because of some fabulous grandparent time, had better get to work. Our weekend did start out with dinner and a movie which was a nice treat but then came the list. Here was the weekend list....

Run to the farmers market for mums and pumpkins (didn't make it)

Drop off truck at the auto recyclers and pick up Mazda for an engine replacement (check)

Pick up all party favors for the party (check)

Get birthday present (check)

Get candy and goodies for the pinata (check)

Along the way we stopped at a fabulous German bakery for some fresh brats and it took me back to Berlin. Super yummy!! Okay I digress back to the list at hand...

Measure the front fascia of the house to replace the wood, and gutters and paint. (check)

Pick up all the supplies at HD to accomplish the above referenced task (check)

Here I have to admit that really Hubby took care of this and wouldn't let me anywhere near the ladder so I just watched in horror hoping that he would not fall off the roof. For those who know my DH you totally understand my paranoia.

Weed flower beds (half check)

Plant Fall Flowers (check)

Paint side fence (check)

Mow yard including play area (check and check)

Rake all Magnolia Leaves and replace pea gravel in walk way (check)

Till the front ditch (check)

Get a pressure washer and pressure wash the entire house (check)

Paint the awning on the front of the house (check)

Cook two big pots of chicken and beef stew (yummy check and check)

Fold Laundry (check)

That was it, and we did everything but make it to the farmers market although HD had a nice selection of Mums if you looked hard. So we are exhausted, it was raining cats and dogs this morning so getting out of bed was more then difficult, but we both made it. Oh and did I mention that we are still not finished. Still a bit of work to get that front yard ready for a pack of 3 -7 year olds who will only notice the giant princess castle bouncy house in the front yard and the pinata in the tree. I doubt that they will give a second glance at the quickly painted fence or the half weeded flower beds, but at least they will finally be finished. *Sigh*

Okay now I think I will crawl away to a quite hole somewhere and sleep. :D

1 comment:

Tamara Ann said...

Dang girl, ya'll are putting us to shame. We mowed the grass and closed the doors! Beyond that they could love the mess or leave it! ;)