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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Share and share a like

With little ones you work really really hard to make sure that they are responsible upstanding people as they grow. You make sure that they know please and thank you and if you are from some southern parts of the US that adults are addressed with a yes Ma'am and a no Ma'am or yes Sir and no Sir. Right up there on that list is sharing, and with a new baby on the way we have really been pushing the sharing idea with Boogie. She really does very well and minus some of her favorite things is more then willing to share with everyone. Now the only problem with sharing is that you can't discourage them from sharing once you have it ingrained that they should always be willing to share everything they have with someone else. This little issue has cropped up in our house.
Boogie has shared, quite directly with her mommy, her head cold. She had the nice reaction to her flu shot that gave her a lovely head cold right in time for her big birthday party. She was doing very very well until Saturday night after the party when she was a little sniffly and coughing so we let her sleep in bed with us. At some point in the night my kind little daughter drew her finger under her runny nose and proceeded to then roll over and stick it right up my nose. Right up in there with all the little germs and everything. Ahhhhhhhh!!!
That was my immediate reaction, ahhhh my sick daughter just stuck her little snotty finger up my nose, sneeze, sneeze flush evacuate the germs, but to no avail. They were there festering in my sinus cavity rapidly multiplying until Sunday I felt like I would die.
Yesterday, having stayed home from work, with my lovely gift from my dear daughter, we went to the OB's office where that wonderful woman told me that the miracle that is Tylenol Cold and Sinus was perfectly fine for me to take. Angels sang and trumpets rang in heaven, and while it is helping me to feel normal I can still feel that last strangling germs trying to plant their beady little claws into my mucus membranes.
So take this as a tale of warning, teach you children to be polite and share, but maybe place a few restrictions on that sharing, like germs. Germs are personal and should be kept to your self. I remember from school hearing something that always stuck with me....If it's wet and sticky and not yours don't touch it, so maybe the rule should be if its wet and sticky and yours don't share it.
Happy sharing!!

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