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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

While we wait.....

Since Addison is taking her time joining us, I thought that I would finally post about the second great baby shower that we had for her.  My cousins J & J threw us a fabulous shower on January 2nd.  The theme was butterflies and it was beautiful.  The food was amazing, and J&J made it all.  I could not get away from the awesome mango strawberry dip with pita chips or the fabulous chicken salad croissants, probablly ate to much but you know you have to do justice to the chefs right.  You don't want them to think that the food wasn't good,so you know you just have to keep eating it. Mmmmmmmm...... check out the gorgeous spread.

This is the beautiful and yummy cake that we had.  I swear it tasted like pancakes.  I was so yummy.

This was the candy bar, it was great.  Boogie would not stay away from it.

These were the above mentioned chicken salad croissants, they were so good I can not even do them justice.  The strawberry mango salsa is behind them and it was great too.

I forgot about the great egg, bacon thingies, they were great too, everything was great.  There was also fruit, but well I was drawn to the cheese and chicken stuff.  Ah the joys of being pregnant.

We played some great games too, mostly becuase I got to take pictures while everyone else played them.  Please find the blackmail photos below.

My mom is cheating.  Very nice example to set for Boogie there Mimi!!  C my brother's MIL has no idea what to think about cheating at baby shower games.

Granny is getting the stink eye from other participants becuase she is a natural at this game.

Boogie has a bit of an edge on the competition since she has used these more recently then the other participants.

We recieved lots of great gifts as well. There was one little thing in particular that I tried to take home with me for my hubby, but well I couldn't get him in the car fast enough.

Look at that cutie cute face.  Don't you just want to scoop him up and snuggle.  Don't worry  I didn't puppy nap him, he is still happy at his home in sunny Florida.

In all honesty we did get a lot of really nice things to welcom baby Addison.  Boogie even got a couple of gifts, including a great knit sweater and a hat.  Have a look at all the swag that baby Addison received.

Mimi had a big bag put together for Baby Addison

Cousin J & J not only threw a great party but they also showed off thier great fashion sense with these super cute outfits.

Aunt E & Uncle J put together the cutest box full of great stuff. Including the princess towel that Boogie has broken in for baby Addison.

Look at the top of the box isn't it cute.  They did such a great job, and it holds a lot of stuff.

Boogie and Addison both got knit sweaters and hats from Gigi they are so cute. 

Boogie absolutely loved her little hat that her Gigi knitted for her.

Gigi also made Addison a ducky quilt and matching pillow.  She is going to love it.

I also got these great knit washclothes, can't wait to use them with Addison.

Even got to see my cutie pie nephew...

Oh and my brother.. he's not bad either. :D

So they day was fantastic, we received lots of great stuff for baby Addison, but more then that we were loved by all our family and friends and that means more then anything.  Thank you guys for everything, we had a great day.

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