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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beautiful Maternity Shoot

Since Jellybean was going to be out last little Cooper I decided that I really wanted to do all the stuff that we didn't get to do when I was pregnant with Boogie.  Right after Thanksgiving we went and got a 3D ultrasound which was really a great expereince.  About that time I also found a great photographer online here in the Altanta area to do a Maternity shoot as well. 

When you are 36/37 weeks pregant you feel less then beautiful sometimes, but it is a great time of your life, so I wanted some professional pictures to remember this moment.  I am very picky as I take a lot of photos myself and really wanted to find someone that would be able to see what I liked about photography, a natural beauty of stolen moments, and Amy did just that. 

Amy Hoga did a fantastic job with out Maternity shoot and in only 30 minutes,not that she was rushing us.  We had to reshcedule a couple of times due to weather, and when we finally did get together the weather was still less then perfect, but what can you expect for January.  It was cold, and threatening to rain and the wind was brutal, but the photos that she caputered for us in that brief time are simply beauitful.

This is one of our favorites, they are really all our favorites but I just love Boogie's expression in this one, so protective.

Notice that Boogie has her big sister shirt on.  She really is one proud big sister.

See that wind I was talking about, but I love the movement in this picture.

I think this is one of best pictures ever taken of me.  I guess when your pregnant you do glow from time to time.

I again just love the protectiveness of Boogie in this picture.  She is the best big sister.

Um see where the eyes come this shot of my two loves.

Just a good family picture here, love the smiles on everyone.

Just proof that you don't have to be looking at the camera to get a good shot.

Wow do I love those beautiful blue eyes.  Still waiting to see if Jellybean gets them too.

Like I said Amy of Amy Hoga Photography did a fabulous job with these photos.  Not only did she do this shoot but came out right after Addison was born and worked for almost 3 hours on Newborn pictures as well.  We haven't seen those just yet, but I can not wait.  Taking these into consideration I am sure that they will be amazing as well.  If your interested in some great photos look her up.  She is on Facebook and has a blog as well.  She is located in the Atlanta area but will travel, and I would highly recommend her. 

Can not wait to be able to show you the shots of our Jellybean when we get them back.  I'll post as soon as I have them.

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