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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A day late...

Well really four if your keeping count, but moms don't really care.  This year I was on maternity leave because of our little jellybean for three great months, but all good things must come to an end and so I am now back at work.  It's okay, because I like my job, its pretty great, and the person that I entrust with my daughters is simply fabulous.

I say that to say this, my mother's day, monetary gift wise, was a little sparse this year, but its okay.  I had three great months with my girls, and they both gave me beautiful smiles Sunday morning. :D  

Like this...

and this....

Now seriously what more could a mom ask for, and that is the purpose of my post today.  Mom's are simple mom's want love and homemade noodle necklaces and planted gardens in the back yard, and flowers with roots.  My mom wants nothing more then pictures of her grandchildren, my mother in law, wants nothing more then pictures of her grandchildren.  They both would love to have more time with their grandchildren to hug and snuggle and spoil them rotten.  My children are lucky because even their Great-grandma would like nothing more then to do that.  Mom's are simple and wonderful creatures, we just want love from our children and or grandchildren, great grandchildren etc.

So let me show you the love that is my mom and Jon's mom and my grandmother, and Jon's grandmother who just pasted away May 1st.  These are wonderful, amazing momma's who love their children to distraction and we love them too.  

This is my beautiful mom and Boogie.  We are lucky to have her with us,  4 years ago,  when I was pregnant with Boogie she was diagnosed with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia), she is now in remission.  Doesn't she look great.

This is Jon's beautiful mom with the Jellybean.  After everything Jon put her through she ought to be a saint. :D  I'm talking two major surgeries, one being brain surgery and a full body cast by age 7.  Uh huh a saint.

My granny is a bit elusive, but here she is I caught her.  She was laughing at Jon who was trying to keep mom and dad's 100 lb dog Howlburt from eating our Easter Ham.  There's mom again, making something fabulous.

Jon's grandma has been sick for awhile, but I love this picture of her and her daughters sitting on the steps of her old Georgia house.  She was a wonderful woman and I am lucky to have known her.

Do you see a connection in all of these pictures?  Smiles, everyone is smiling.  That is love people and that is the best gift that you could ever get as a mom.  So smiles and love to you all.

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