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Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm Baaaaccckkk!!!

Well I am back and in more ways then one really.  Today is my official first day of work and what a day it has turned out to be. Work its self has been pretty good, but getting here this morning was quite an adventure...this is how it went.

Little Ms. Jellybean who is almost 3 months now decided that she didn't want to go to bed until Midnight.  Then the heavens opened up about 2:30am and the thunder and lighting started and boy did it ever start.  This prompted the 45lb lab mix to get very nervous as he always does, and in the bed he came.  I have to say he is easier to move around with your feet then the 70lb bulldog, who by the way disappears in a dark room and can break your toes if kicked while walking through said room, but I digress.  At 4:30 lighting struck something very very close to the house, hopefully not anything in the back yard, but very close and woke everyone up.  My lovely alarm went off at 5:30 and I quickly turned it off to keep Ms. Jellybean from waking up (she is congested so is sleeping in her swing in our room).  With the lighting popping I skipped the shower, thank god I took one the night before and relied on a cold cloth to jolt me into the morning.  Got all the bags together for myself and the girls and made 4 total trips across the flooded yard in the torrential rain to the car.  One of these trips ended with me dragging the trash to the curb, two were to get bags to the car and two were to get sleep PJ clad girls to the car (thank you Ms. M for letting me bring them in their PJ's).  Once in the car at 6:45 we proceeded to head across the perimeter of Atlanta at 40-45 MPH, the water was so thick on the interstate that any faster would have been very dangerous.  Right as we pulled into Ms .M's house the rain and wind picked up..Woooo hoooo and I waded through a river twice to get two girls and two bags into the house.  By the time I got to work at 7:45 I was soaked from my ankles to my knees and my head to my chest, with very very soggy shoes, but I made it.  Yay!!

I have to say that while I definitely love being at home with the girls I also love being at work.  The atmosphere is good and the people are great too, so I am glad to be back.

I am also back to the blog (duh) and I apologize for such a long absence but Ms. Jellybean and her big sister kept me hopping for the past 3 months.  So let me make it up to you by showering you with cutie pie pictures of the two of them.  Enjoy, and if you think these are good, just wait till I post the ones from Ms. Jellybean's Newborn, shoot, they are gorgeous. :D

Right before we went to Florida for Easter we headed to the Zoo with some friends, Ms. Jellybean in missing because she was asleep in the stroller.

Boogie and A had a great time though, they are such hams.

By the end of the trip Ms. Jellybean decided to wake up and a bottle put her in a great mood.

Our next adventure was in Florida for cousin BBug's 4th birthday.  Both girls had a great time, but Boogie especially loved the chocolate covered strawberry's.

Ms. Jellybean just hung out with her Mimi and enjoyed the Florida sun, or actually shade.

We got all dolled up for Easter service, the girls had matching dresses thanks to NahNah and they were just too cute. (If your wondering where Boogie is, she was DONE with pictures by this time.)

Ms. Jellybean just took it easy once we got home from Church.

Boogie was excited that the Easter Bunny left her such an awesome basket.

Ms. Jellybean is now regularly gracing us with some super cute smiles.

Boogie is thinking about taking up motorcycle riding (her shirt says I blame my parents, which I thought was perfect )

Oh perhaps being a Meg Ryan Mini Me.  We did get her bangs trimmed right after this, just incase you were wondering. :D

For right now though she is a great big sister and a big helper to me.

I sure do love both my girls.

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