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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Jellybean's first photoshoot

Now I posted a while back that we did a maternity photo shoot with Amy Hoga.  The pictures were fantastic and with a promotion through The I got a Newborn shoot for free, no sitting fee.  So when Ms. Jellybean made her appearance we called up Amy and set up a time.

Now Amy likes to photograph newborns within 2 weeks of birth, but she feels the sooner the better.  So at a little over a week old Amy came to the house and set everything up for some great pictures.  Having her come to the house is a true blessing because as any new mother will tell you the first 6 weeks are really rough.  I think it probably compares to special forces training, but I am happy to say at 3 months out we made it through.  Maybe not with flying colors but we did survive.  Okay so back to the pictures...

Amy did our maternity shoot in like 30 minutes 45 minutes tops, but Jellybean was a bit of a diva and required close to 3 hours. :D  Amy was patient, especially since there was a 3 year old that also wanted to be in the middle of everything and we ended up with some fantastic pictures.  Have a look and see if you don't agree...

Boogie of course was being her cute self and playing dress up so I got this shot of her.  I think she looks like a little elf.

Then there was a shot with baby sissy.  Boogie loves her baby sissy...

Then me with both of the girls but Boogie the center of the attention

Then Jellybean the center of the attention...oh and Charlotte loved that she got to be partially naked. :D

This is really one of my favorites.  I got a great picture with my girls, and boy do I love them.

Here is my little Shuga Booga...she did great.
There is that umbilical chord...and don't you know if fell off just a couple hours after Amy left.

She is going to have blue eyes and dark hair just like her daddy...boy did I get lucky or what.

I just love the baby in the basket look, and my floors look good too. :D

I was not feeling very photogenic at this point, but I love the mood of the pictures that I got.  I think this one says, if anyone messes with my Jellybean they are toast.

Now I have left my two favorite pictures for last.  These are the ones that I look and think that the camera saw a little bit into the soul of things....

I don't think that we ever sleep this easy again in our lives.  I think that babies have the rest of knowing that there are people out there that demand nothing more then they just exist.  It is the sleep of innocence and security.  It is divine.

This is my absolute favorite shot.  I really wish I had something like this for my little Boogie when she was born.  This photo says I love you for being my blessing.  I will love you even when you don't like me.  I will love you in ways that you won't understand until you have a daughter.  I will love you even as I leave you to go home to my father.  This photo to me is what it means to be a mother. It is my soul and what I feel for both my girls.  It is what my mom felt for me and why I wanted to be a mother.

I love you my sweet girls!

1 comment:

Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud said...

Your photographer did a wonderful job! Those last two shots are my favorite. Beautiful baby and stunning mommy. :)
Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Not My Child! Monday post. I'm so glad that I'm not alone when it ocmes to family members peeing outside. lol Have a great day.

Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud