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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just because....

Now I know that Father's Day is still a month away, but I just have to give my husband some props.  Although I will take them away if he doesn't remember that this year Father's Day also happens to be our 11th Wedding Anniversary (we actually got married on Father's Day).  Anyway I digress, sorry, I am good at that.

I have been thinking about my husband a lot recently.  This man works hard, really hard, all the time.  If you can believe it he is a miner, in Atlanta.  No, not pulling coal from the ground but doing improvements to the city's infrastructure, something no one will ever see. Its a hard job, with long hours and in dark wet conditions, but everyday he gets up and goes in with minimal complaining.  He lifts heavy loads and works in conditions that are not all together safe (making me very nervous on a daily basis) and when he comes home, he is tired.  He rests a bit before the girls and I roll in, but once we are home he is never to tired for his girls.  Jon is a wonderful father, and a good husband and I don't think that I always give him the props that he deserves.  So here they are for all the world to read.  Have a look at my darling husband and I am sure a candidate for World's Greatest Dad.  I know at least three people that think so.

This is the beginning of a large swing fort, because Boogie wanted one and Jon said he could build it.

Jellybean gets special attention too, especially right after a bath...

He is a great person to scout out Easter Eggs with..

Just couldn't let the photo op pass me by.

He's a great story teller right before bedtime.

An awesome teacher when it comes to throwing over sized Frisbees

Sometimes a draft horse
Sometimes the engine of a high performance race car

Alligator catcher...GO DAWGS!!

but always


A loving husband

A caring father...

and a wonderful example for our daughters.

I love you honey and I just can't tell you that enough!!

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Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud said...

What a sweet post! That made me smile. :)
Thanks for stopping by. If you're playing along with Wordless Wednesday, come on over and link up! Have a great day.

Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud