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Friday, May 7, 2010

What's in a name.....

Kelly's Korner's show us your life today is all about baby names.  We are done having babies, but with both of our girls Jon and I had a hard time settling on a name, well kinda.  Our oldest DD was actually pretty easy, before we knew we were having a girl we decided that if it was a girl we would use my first name as her middle name, and I was trying to convince Jon to do the same thing if we had a boy.  He was a hard one to convince because he  desperately wanted a Jr. and I was firmly against a Jr.  I wanted a little Gabriel, but no way was Jon having that, so God knew better then to give us a boy and we got our Boogie.  Jon originally suggested Sarah Beth for her, but while I didn't hate it, it wasn't my favorite.  I was kinda stuck on a name, a name I really loved my Paternal Grandmother's name.  I'm kinda old fashioned like that, I was named after my Great Grandmother, and my dad's sister, so I was Elizabeth Anne.  My husband's middle name is a combination of his Paternal grandparents first names Cad and Jewel; Cadwel, so I like the idea of giving her a family name.  Luckily Jon liked my Paternal Grandmother's name and loves me so much that he hardly ever tells me no and so when our little girl was born on October 21, 2006 we had a....

Charlotte Elizabeth
This is the perfect name for her.....

Now when we got pregnant again last May, I was absolutely sure that this one was a boy.  My pregnancy was totally different from start to finish and I carried differently so I was sure we were definitely having a little boy.  Jon's brother had since had a little boy named Gabriel so I knew that wasn't in the books anymore, and Jon was still pushing for a Jr., but I was ready to stick to my guns on that issue. This time I was hoping for a little Nathan or maybe Gavin or go way out there with something like Morgan, but it was still going to be a fight.  I thought of a couple of girl names, but I was sure it was a boy so why bother with the girl names.  Well the big ultrasound rolled around and the tech said do you want to know and we said yep and she said It's a GIRL!!  I cried, I didn't realize that I really wanted Charlotte to have a sister, but I did really want her to have a sister and now she was going to, but wait a girl and not a boy, with no girl names even thought about...CRAP!

This time I decided that Jon could pick the first name if I could pick the middle name...I kinda had it in my head already. I am a very clumsy uncoordinated person.  Dance teachers hate to see me coming, I once broke a guys nose in dance class doing the Tango, it was really bad.  I also walk very heavily and can trip over my own feet without even thinking about it, so for most of my life, my dad has called me Grace.  Yep, not a graceful bone in my body, but  I love the sentiment, so I insisted that he find something that went with Grace.  I made lots of lists for him to look over with my suggestions, and he even had to gall to suggest that we wait till she was born...WHAT??? Finally about 3 weeks after the ultrasound I broke down in tears I couldn't take it anymore I needed to call her something, anything, well anything but Cami, which was his first suggestion.  No offense to any Cami's but think about it Cami Cooper, nope dosen't work.  I really loved Evangeline and we would call her Evie, but nope.  Then I suggested Eleanor, you don't hear that very often, and it was in one of his favorite movies, nope. Celeste, it was my ancestor who immigrated to the US at the turn of the century through Ellis Island, I got an eye roll on that one.  Finally I got him to narrow it down....Elena, Zoe and Addison.  Well I had a good friend that just had a Zoe so in my head that was out, and Addison was her back up name so that was out too, so I figured Elena.  I like Elena Grace that is a good name, but Jon was more partial to one of the other names.  So with the fear looming that my friend was really going to kill me we announced that our little girl would be named....

Addison Grace
This name seems to fit her well too

So while I didn't totally get my way on the baby naming, I really did pretty good.  We are finished having kids biologically, so any child that we have from here on out will come to us with a name that someone else picked out, but at least we got our chance to leave a bit of a mark on the world and I think that we did pretty good. 


THE Stephanie said...

Your girls are adorable! And I LOVE both of their names :)

Carrie said...

Hi Beth, I love your baby names! Like you, I tend gravitate toward family names. My daughter, Allie Claire, was actually named after my great-grandmother, Allie Claire.

Thanks for the advice on using Shout. It looks like I need to buy some in bulk :)