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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Basics for Running...

Before I start this let me again say that  I am not a runner, I am trying but I will not put myself in that class yet.  I will say I am a walker that walks really fast and when inspiration strikes I run. :D

So Belle and I have been meeting for a couple of weeks and run/walking 2-3 times each week.  The neighborhood that we use is VERY hilly which I guess is fine since apparently there are a few hills on the course in Florida.  Hills in Florida who knew?  So today we did great, we have steadily improved our time and today was no exception.  We did 2.1 miles and averaged a 14 minute mile, which is a minute better and a mile longer then last week.  Seems slow but we still have 8 months until the big event so if we keep this up we should be well on our way.

Towards the end of our route I had a small mishap, my ankle started stinging.  It's GA in summer so I figured I just received one of many mosquito bites, but when I looked down I saw I had been attacked.  Well attacked by some one's rose bush, but still it did a good one on my ankle.

See doesn't look horrible, but man does it sting.  Also I would not recommend getting into a nice hot bath full of Epsom salt with a mark like this, talk about eye opening.

May not be much, but its my first war wound and I will wear it proudly.

Now as I alluded to there are some things that are good to have when running.  Shoes are pretty important, but I am starting with just your run of the mill (no pun intended) pair of Wal-Mart special sneakers and I have to say right now they are working well.  Plus I like the colors. :D

They have worked well thus far, even without socks.  I do really need to get some socks, but I never wear them so I don't own any.  I know I need to get some socks or get a couple of blisters, I guess socks are a running must have, next to the shoes.

I also found this little handy dandy doo dad...

Not the phone obviously but the app.  I love this app, actually I am a little obsessed with this app.  It tells you everything, and it gratifies my need to know tendencies.  The app is simply called Runner and it is great.  Maps you used GPS, draws a map of where you've done, tells you miles, speed, lowest and highest speed, calories burned and other stuff too.  I love it.  Not a necessity, but really nice to have.

Comfy clothes are probably important too, but I don't have any so I am still wearing maternity clothes to run in.  I will be getting some new running shorts as my maternity yoga pants are  getting to big.  Woo hoo!!  In honor of the Disney Princess Half Marathon, I found some Disney running shorts that I will be purchasing.  They are simple but cute and look nice and comfy, definitely import if your going to be wearing them for 13.1 miles.

Here are my most important running implements, something that I just can't run without.

It seems obvious doesn't it, of course you need feet to run, duh, but how much time to we take to prepare them?  I am horrible about my feet and in training for this 1/2 marathon I promise to be better about pampering them a bit.  Please notice but don't notice the horrible pedicure that is wearing off; I really do need to take better care of these very important running tools.  So I am off to give them a little TLC, but now then later right?

Oh and just because I promised, here is one of those Goofy Smiles.....

Want another one just for good measure and to hold you over in case I get lazy again. Well here you go...

Dont' you just love it. Okay gotta run!

Ta ta for now.....Cinderella

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