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Monday, June 21, 2010

Running, running, rain!!!!

I haven't said anything about my running lately and that is because last week was a bit of a down week.  Belle got stuck closing camp every night last week so that canceled our evening runs, and my other running partners husband got a job (woo hoo!!!) so she is taking care of the kids.  I can run by myself but its just not as much fun, but if I have to I can.  However, being the loving supportive husband and father that he is Jon said he would run with me.  I was so excited I could barely contain myself, so Tuesday we put both the girls in the double stroller (not a jogging stroller mind you) and headed out.  Now there was a 55% chance of rain when we left the house, but the clouds didn't look so terrible and really what is 55% phfft nothing to keep you from  running.

Let me tell you what 55% really's 5% in favor of the rain, is what it is. We got 1.25 miles into our run/walk and the skies darken, the wind picked up and the thunder began.  I panicked because we had the girls, and I have been very nearly stuck by lighting before.  Jon suggested we run into the gas station and grab a bottle of water and then book it back to the house.  Well the clerk in the store was new and alone and had no clue how to run a debit card, so with 6 people in front of us, and the clouds getting uglier I headed back and Jon said he would catch up.  Poor Jon, it took the clerk 10 minutes to get to him and I was not walking slowly, so by the time Jon caught up I was about a quarter mile from the house.  Jon ran almost the whole way to catch up. not sure how he did it since my legs were about the consistency of jello, but he did.

Now let me stop a minute and say that Jon used to run but hasn't in a long long time.  I am an aspiring runner, so neither one of us have good running shoes. Bad, bad, bad, I know my legs have told me this every time after a run/walk.  Well we are now both looking for good running shoes to save our legs, this little adventure just put us over the top.  Jello legs and shin splints, which Jon inevitably got from all the running, have convinced us that it is time for the right shoes.

So anyway we got back to the corner of our neighborhood and the heavens opened.  Luckily the thunder and lighting stopped, the rain was fairly warm and the drops were those nice big summer drops.  That being said little Ms. Jellybean was NOT HAPPY with the situation AT ALL!!  Boogie thought it was like a sprinkler which equals cool in her mind, but Jellybean was screaming like her toes were being pulled off.  So, Jon being the fabulous dad that he is, grabbed the stroller again and ran the rest of the way home with the girls.  My legs were jello by this point and I was hot and sweaty so I was just enjoying the cool rain.  Luckily I made it home before the thunder and lighting started up again and the rain got harder.

So the moral of the story here is....if there is a 55% chance of rain that is 5% on the rain's side, so pack an umbrella, or just stay home. Hopefully this week, Belle will be free in the evening and we will be back to our running schedule.

Oh and just cause their all cute, here are a few pictures....

Getting a lift from Daddy

Boogie and Jellybean, the cutie pie sisters!!

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