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Monday, June 7, 2010

One Neglectful Mommy

So in all my hype over starting my 1/2 marathon training I have realized that I have left my girls out of these posts for way to long.  Although I do have some killer run/walk stories to share, but back to the girls.

They are my little princesses, and we have some great stuff planned in the future.

This one just steals my heart....

I can't help but want to squeeze those chubby cheeks.  She's a little serious but that goofy smile breaks out pretty fast.

I promise I do have a picture of that Goofy smile somewhere I just have to find it.  By the way these PJ's from Gymboree and fantastic, so cute and comfy.

This is the best big sister in the world right here.  She always has a smile for her baby sissy.

Sometimes she doesn't have a smile for her mommy, but always for Baby Sissy.

She's a little goofy (notice the nice shiner in  this photo, she had a run in with a doorknob.)

DEFINITELY her daddy's daughter.  They have so many of the same body postures that its scary.

She is also my little thrill seeker, the faster it goes the better.  She can't wait to get on Big Thunder Mountain at WDW (I just hope she grows enough by then).

A definite little mermaid wanna be.

And above all else the love of my life, and my heart.  She is my princess (even if her shirt does say I blame my parents)

This one is just my little love bug, along with my big love bug.  She could win you over with just one goofy smile and a giggle.  I'll find some of those goofy smiles for you in the next post.  This one was kinda all about Boogie who will be 4 in just a few months.  I just don't know where the time went....Jellybean, don't grow so fast and that's an order. :D

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