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Monday, March 28, 2011

"And she's climbing a stairway to her bedroom....."

Okay so the next step in getting the attic ready is actually getting to the attic.  With the closets torn out it was time to demo the scary 1950 attic stairs and put in some real fixed stairs.  Dad is awesome and after measuring the space and looking at standard tread height this is what he was able to make out of a regular ole 2x10x12.  This is what our stairs now rest on.  Thank goodness it was a beautiful weekend because our house is not big enough to fabricate this in side.

Once it was screwed into the studs through the drywall it was time to actually put the stair treads on.  We took our time at HD and picked out boards that had pretty or interesting grain to them as we are just going to put a light pine stain on them and then polyurethane.  Dad routered the front lip so that it has a nice curve to it.  I think they look pretty good.

This is definitely better then going up and down on those pull down stairs.  They seriously had a warning from the previous owner to be careful how much weight you hauled up and down them.  SCARY!!
On a side note please ignore my feet in this shot although at 32 weeks pregnant I am pretty stoked that I can still see them. :D
Once the treads were on it was time to put the front face plates on.  The under part of the stairs will also serve as part of our closet, so its a good idea to put an additional piece of wood across the front.  I need to keep my insane shoe fetish a secret for as long as possible.
Jon and Dad taking a much deserved break on the new stairs.  I am telling you that they worked their butts off in the three days that Dad was at the house.  The space is starting to come together. You'll notice that the walls are framed out and that there is the beginning to insulation and drywall.
This is under the stairs in our new expanded closet.  In a small house, you really don't want any space to go to waste, so we will use as much as we can.
Boogie was more then excited to be able to easily get up and down the steps into the attic.  She also figured out that her Papa had hidden her keyboard and microphone up there, so she entertained everyone while they worked.
I was excited to see that the hole that once housed the 1950 attic steps was closed in.  The drywall still hasn't been replaced, but it will be.  I am just glad that there is a solid floor there now and I don't have to worry about those creaky, scary stairs falling as I am carrying up boxes and boxes of little girls clothes to store in the attic.

Continue to follow the saga tomorrow's installment....Playing in the rock and mud.

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