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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Atlanta has an amazing St. Patrick's Day parade, and becuase the company that I work for is based out of Dublin, Ireland we participate every year.  This is the first year that I can remember where the weather was absolutely gorgeous, so I loaded up the girls, met up with Jon's sister and we headed down town.  I wanted to try to be on the float with the girls, but we had a prior commitment and made it to our sitting spot (and what a spot it was) just in time to see the begining of the parade coming.

We were front and center on the corner where the parade turned so instead of getting a sideview we got to see everything head on.  It was fantastic.

 The girls seemed less then excited at first but they were decked out in thier green to be festive.

 Pipe and Drum bands are my absolute favorite, so I loved it that one started off the parade.

 There is also nothing like a strapping man in a kilt.  So what do you think we're they wearing them correctly?

 These ladies were having a blast, and the SWAT driver seemed to have trouble guessing his turning distance as this vehicle got up very close and personal to us.

This is the GA State Troops group, and a very nice looking group if I do say so.  The little guys out front stole the show though.  He took his mascot duties very very seriously.

 This guy was brining of the rear and was absolutely adorable.

 As you can tell there were lots and lots of police units represented.

 Sharp looking old police car from NYC.

 Be still my heart another great Pipe and Drum band.

 You can't have a parade in GA without big trucks...this is what Jon wants to upgrade to in a few years.

 Boogie was starting to enjoy herself and goof around with her little sister.  PJ was still people watching.

 This is one of my favorite marching bands, they are in almost every major Atlanta area parade.  The are called the Feed & Seed Marching Abomination. 

 Their band uniform is um...very creative.
 A loyal Irish braves fan for sure.

 Percussion is where its at apparently...

 Everyone is very fashionably dressed.

 And in a very festive mood. :D

 An example of people who start to look like thier dogs.  Secretly I wish my hair would curl this well and stay.

 I think PJ got a bit bored and so started playing with Boogie's disguarded skirt.

 Boogie was just hanging out in the middle of the street enjoying the parade.

 This little one was the cutest little lepraucan all day long.

 There were kings on horseback with swords....

 Of course where there are kings there have to be knights too.

 I think PJ liked the King and the Knights becuase she finally smiled.

 Boogie gave me a smile too, but it was filled with chicken nugget.

 The little dancers were fantastic....

 They really seemed to be having a great time, and were just full of energy.

 Then finally we saw some familiar faces....

 Our float was great this year and we were giving out tons of swag, but unfortunately they moved quickly by and I could only get a couple of quick shots.

 Loved this VW, the driver woudl speed up and then slam on the breaks and the cute little bus/truck would do a headstand. Boogie thought it was great too.

 Jugglers are always a hit with the crowd.

 This is my graduation present to myself when Cooper Princess #3 graduates high school.

 PJ got a lift from Auntie Summer so that she could see everything better.

St. Baldrick's is a great foundation, they help raise money for Children's Cancer Research.  Every year they do a fundraiser at an Irish Pub in town where participants shave thier heads for donations, and in support of their children.  Its a wonderful organization.

 There were lots and lots of Star Wars guys.  Boogie was in awe, and she really loved that Darth Vader said hi to her.  LOL!!

 PJ decided to get up and try out her legs a bit.  Boogie was there to give support.  Aren't thier little matching skirts adorable.  My grandmother found them at a yard sale.

 Boogie had to do a little, okay a lot, of dancing.

 She tried to get PJ in on the action, but well PJ dosen't walk yet, so it was a little touch an go on the dancing.

 That didn't stop Boogie though, she is definantly a dance machine.

 Tyring out a little high stepping.

 PJ just wasn't to sure about all that dancing stuff.

 Soon it was time for a cookie break and to enjoy the last of the parade.

 Cool little electric car

 The "old" World of Coca Cola sign

 At the end of the parade a beautiful smile from PJ.

 Once we were back in the car and headed to the house, the girls didn't make it 5 minutes before they were both snoring.  Then they proceeded to take a 2 hour nap at the house. Thank you St. Patrick's Day Parade.

It was definately a good day!!

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

I never knew Darth Vader was Irish! :) My middle child would have loved that! All we get in our parades are trucks, gators, golf carts, & tractors.