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Friday, March 25, 2011

It has to look worse before it looks better....RIGHT????

So my Uncle left bright and early last Thursday after installing our fantastic new unit, and my Dad showed up that night to start working on the big stuff, you know everything else.  So once he arrived at 10pm we spent an hour looking at the space and going over a game plan for the next three days to accomplish as much as possible.  Jon was working the next day, but I took the day off to offer dad and extra pair of hands.

So Friday morning I got up bright and early and ran the girls to daycare, got home and dad and I decided what we needed from HD and headed out.  In the Durango, without a trailer...I promise this point is very important.  Dad and I picked up 4 sheets of drywall, 5 packets of R-30 Insulation, 3 rolls of R-19 insulation (please remember that we are in a Durango with no trailer) 8 2x4x8's and 2  2x10x12's.  Yep, all that but no trailer, so we got some rope and prepared to tie it to the roof of the Durango.  I then had the brilliant idea to see if someone could help dad lift all that stuff onto the roof and the guy said sure and I'll plastic wrap it up there as well.  Plastic wrap, shrink wrap, well that sounds convenient.  I drove slowly and we were two blocks from the neighborhood when we heard a snap and two sheets of drywall flew off the top of the car.  Well of course I slowed down to turn around and when I turned everything else slid off of the top and took out dad's passenger side mirror. *Sigh*  We got it all cleaned up and put back on the roof with ROPE this time and went back to make sure the drywall hadn't hit anyone. Didn't see any collateral damage anywhere so we headed to the house, mirror hanging off the car and came back for the drywall later.  I called Jon and told him our tail of woe and he told his boss something along the lines of I really need to get home before my wife and her dad tear the house to the foundation, they have already tried to wipe out Atlanta traffic with drywall.
(This is said Durango and you will be happy to know that Jon was able to find a new mirror to replace the one that I broke and it was better then the original, so woo hoo)

Well Jon made it home in record time and that is saying something for Jon, and he and dad started the double D's....Demolition and Destruciton.

 This used to be my linen closet and beyond that where dad is standing was my cubby for the dresser, but not any more...

 All these walls and ceiling had to come down all the way to the exterior wall which happens to be in what used to be my closet to make way for the stairs that go up to the new attic room.

 Dad was a little perplexed when we came across a faux wall built to allow space for the drain pipes for the AC.  He and Jon took care of it lickity split and they were back on track.

 Once part of the ceiling was out you could see up into the attic and Jon needed to make sure they knew where the pipes and wiring was located for the AC so that they didn't get busted.  He looks a little mischievous up there doesn't he. :D

 I ran out and picked the girls up from daycare and we shared a super yummy fruit smoothly.  Of course once PJ got a hold of it there was no getting it away from her, period.

 This little smirky around the straw smile was all for her Daddy.

 I got a big pretty toothy smile from Boogie as she snacked on her Cheerios.

 Dad and Jon got back to work fixing the hole where the opening of the dresser cubby use to be, and continuing the destruction of the ceiling/attic floor for the staircase opening.

This is looking up into the attic through the staircase opening inside of my closet.  Let me just tell you it looks a heck of a lot different now.

There was one other small incident that night...Jon managed to step off of a rafter in the attic and through the ceiling in the living room.  The hole is not huge but now we  have to add that repair to our list as well.

The work is going well and I have tons of progress to show you, but I don't want to bore you to tears so the next installment will be titled  "And she's climbing a stairway to her bedroom", with the awesome guitar solo and everything.  Stay tuned!!!

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