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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Playing in the Rock and Mud...

Sheet rock and drywall mud that is.... Jon prefers the other type of rock and mud, but he is good with both of them. :D

Now I am just a little (32 weeks) pregnant and while I think I can hang drywall just fine my dad and husband would have none of it.  So the guys did most of the work here.  I love it because these pictures really make it start to look like a room.
The space isn't huge but for Boogie its absolutely perfect and she just can't wait to get up here.  Because the space is a bit tight all the 4x8 sheets of drywall had to be cut and brought up the stairs so there are lots and lots of seams to mud in.  Just more work to do 3 or 4 times to make it all nice and smooth. 
After pricing windows we decided to replace the aluminum storm window that was up here with a nice vinyl double pained window to match the rest of the house.  Surprising enough it went in super easy, and I think it looks much nicer then the old window.
Jon being the wonderful patient dad that he is indulged Boogie and let her help him dry mud (mud the seams in the walls and ceiling.  This was her first go at this task and she had a great time.  I also figure that we are teaching her a marketable skill just in case. :D
Her technique is a bit unusual though.  She would scoop up the mud on the little spreader and then scrape it off with her hand and plop it on the wall and THEN smooth it out.  LOL!!  She also managed to miss all the seams on her piece of drywall.  However she had a great time and it all got fixed.
She had to admire and critique her work when done.  Once it passed her inspection then she could move on.
The next few photos are of the dynamic duo working together.  They sure do make a good team.

I'm telling you it may look like child labor, but this is one happy little girl.  Anytime she can do something with her daddy she is just about as happy as a fly in honey. :D

Up next....I can finally stop saying "Please be careful and don't fall in the hole."

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Rebecca said...

So cool! I am loving watching - reading the transformation!!!