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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Changes are coming to our house

I posted a while back that we were remodeling our attic so that Boogie would have a place to sleep once Princess #3 arrived in May.  Well I am happy to report that the process is well underway and so I don't bore you all to tears I will break in down into multiple posts.

The first major portion of the remodel was to have the AC unit replaced.  I am very fortunate that my Grandfather and my Uncle own a Heating and Air Company in Florida and offered to come up and put in a new unit for us, for a very very reasonable price.  So last week my Uncle and a friend made the trek from Crystal River, FL to Smyrna, GA will everything that they might need to undertake this big project.  Let me tell you folks for such a small house these projects are huge.  It took 2 days to get everything pulled out and replaced with new stuff, and I am talking all new stuff.  I have never thought an AC unit looked so beautiful in my whole entire life, but look at the beauty of this one....

 Okay so you do have to ignore the cups, but wow what a beautiful thing, especially since its energy efficient and should bring down our power bill.

 Here's the finished product all put together and running.  It did take up some of the space that I was hoping to use for room space, but eh we made it work.  I mean look at how wonderful it looks in its new home, who could complain about such energy efficient beauty?

 With the old unit removed and the ducting redirected under the eves look at how large the space looks.  Boogie was so excited she just had to see what her room looked like. :D

 I just can't take enough photos of this AC unit, but I promise this is the last one, for now.....

This is the opposite side of the room, it will become closet space, shelves and Linen storage once we're finished and we are getting there.

Next post....let the demolition and destruction begin when Dad rolls into town.


Tamara Ann said...

I am SO excited for Boogie (and the rest of you!). I can't wait to see the final results! By the way, that crew you have working up there wouldn't want to brush up on their kitchen skills would they? I mean, just saying if they want the practice I would be happy to let them use my kitchen :)!

Beth said...

LOL!! I think after this project is over I am going to have to give Jon a few weekends of quiet time out on his boat. LOL!!!