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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Jolly Old Elf himself and other random thoughts

It is definitely the holidays, and I know that because we have not stopped doing things for the past two weeks or so.  This weekend was definitely no different.  I always feel a little off kilter at this time of year because of the whirl wind of activity, but I also LOVE IT! So we jumped into the excitement with gusto this weekend.

Friday night we met up with our next door neighbors to bake cupcakes and let the girls watch Polar Express.  The girls love spending time with each other and when it gets cold they don't get to see each other as much, so this was great evening together.

 Our very silly girls.
While they were entertaining themselves and watching the movie, I brought something for K and I to do.  Make hair bows. Yep you heard me right, I said make hair bows, like out of ribbon and hot glue and floral wire and clips.  I know, I know I had to take a Benydryl to ward off the hives, however for a first try I don't think they turned out horrible.

Not happy with the white ribbon, but the rest is okay.  Its a definite learning curve so the next ones will be better.  Oh and I am happy to report there was only one hot glue burn and as of today, it is gone.  Hot glue gives me hives too. Just Kidding, well not really.

The bows had to be  done on Friday night because we had an appointment with Santa on Saturday morning, and Boogie specifically requested bows over her pony tails, so I made bows.  The girls looked simply adorable in their matching outfits, yes I did it, I made them match, but I also dressed Boogie up as a duck one Easter so you shouldn't be surprised.

 PJ refused to remove her bib or look at the camera.

Boogie is always ready for a photo an no you absolutely do not see my child eating mini marshmallows at 9am.

We finally got out of the house, after Jon met with the Cobb County Police for about an hour.  Thank you Cobb County for sending out an officer so fast.  Its another tale for another time,  but once we know the ending I'll fill you in.  Anyway we got to the Santa Breakfast and well Santa was a popular guy this year.  So we waited.....

 and waited.....
and waited a little more with Ice Man...

 Until finally we saw Santa's elf and then Boogie wanted to know why she was wearing Santa's hat and not Santa.  We told her the Elf was cold and Santa was sharing.

Finally it was time to see the big man himself and the girls were great.
 PJ loved Santa's beard and was not the least bit scared.  Boogie loved having PJ there.
 Boogie also got some one on one time with Santa so she could tell him what she wanted for Christmas.  It was only one thing...a scooter.  Santa asked her if there was anything else that she wanted and she told him to just give her what he though she would like.  Hee hee.  I love my Boogie.

So then it was time to head home, and get some out door decorations up before this hit.....

Yes folks that is snow in Georgia on December 12th.  It didn't really stick close to Atlanta, but boy was it cold.  Now this was on Sunday, but when Jon and I left to pick up the girls at 9am it was 43 degrees when we got home at about 12:45pm it was 30 degrees and snowing.  Sunday was definitely a day to stay inside so we did.

We put up our Christmas tree with our new ornaments, and enjoyed some great family time in our nice cozy house.

 Boogie dressed up like Jessie and she and Bullseye road around the house.

PJ snuggled with her daddy and made funny faces for mommies camera while showing off her big pretty eyes.

 She and Jon also gave me some nice big smiles

Not only did we show off the big ole eyes but also those pretty teeth. 

Once all the picture taking was done it was time to hit the bed.  It was a long weekend and we all deserved a good long rest.

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