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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Every year we get a special ornament for the tree. We have no plain bulbs because we have so many special ornaments, but it sure is nice to remember getting each of them. So here are our ornaments for 2010....

 For the past two years I have gotten a Hippo Ornament, but they didn't make one this year (booooo) so I went back to my pretty angels.

 Boogie got her birth year ornament and I have to say I will be sad next year because they only go up to 5 and then their done.  (boooooo again)

 PJ get her very first ornament, which is so pretty, and I love it

 Jon got his car/truck/motorcycle/boat/tractor of the year.  Boogie picked this one out for him.

Then Boogie got her special ornament, see the glowing sparkle in the center, she loves it, but thank you Hallmark it does not sing. (woo hoo)

So with this new assortment of ornaments I am sure you can imagine what our tree looks like.  It is not pretty and stylish, or fancy and themed, it is covered in memories of our lives and lit brightly we lights of every color.  It is eclectic just like our lives and we love it.

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