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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas parts..

Whew!! The holidays are coming to an end and what a festive time of family and fun it has been.  We have eaten and unwrapped and eaten some more and then swapped gifts and ate a little more.  Thank goodness for pregnancy, but my doctor may get onto me at my appointment next week.  Tonight we have one more Christmas celebration with Jon's family, so that means more gifts, more food, more fun and more family.  Yay!!!

We started all the festivities this year on Christmas Eve with my parents down in Florida. My brother and his wife brought my nephew over for a little play time with the girls.  They were just too cute.  Boogie and J just love each other to distraction, and get so excited to see one another. 
J had to get into his PJ's to open presents since the girls were in theirs.  It was really cute.

Before he had to leave there was a picture in front of the tree with his Boogie. :D

Gigi and Poppie were there to enjoy the fun and food. Mimi and Papa must have been hiding since I didn't get one picture of them.

 The girls got some great gifts from Santa's early visit.
 PJ mostly loved the boxes and trend that would carry on into the next morning
 Boogie was overly delighted with her new Zhu Zhu pets.
 PJ wanted to help Boogie color but was having a hard time getting there.
PJ However did just love her little Alligator

All good things must come to an end though.  J and Joe and Erica had to head on out, Gigi and Poppie needed to make sure that there was Milk and Cookies at their house, and we needed to hit the sack so that Santa could come.

 However before bed there had to be pictures in front of the tree in the Christmas PJ's and Santa hats
 PJ somehow managed to get a bulb off the tree.  She is very, very hands on.
 Boogie had to give PJ her good night kiss....
 Which of course made PJ insanely happy.
 Then it was time for this cute little Christmas monkey to go to sleep.
 Boogie insisted that she had to sit up and wait for Santa....
 She was a little worried that the fire would deter him from coming down the chimney, but we were able to calm her fears and soon...
 "The children were nestled all snug in their beds..."
 And Santa did indeed make it down the Chimney to bring each one a toy, or 8...
Merry Christmas...and of course there is more to come.  LOL!!

1 comment:

Carrie said...

What fun!!! I love the girls all decked out in their Christmas pjs. Looks like y'all had a sweet Christmas. I laughed so hard when I saw the Thomas the train toy. Allie Claire LOVES Thomas and it's the funniest thing watching her run around the house in her Thomas pjs (because of course they are little boy pjs!)