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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Let the Christmas Season begin.....

Okay, so really the holidays started with Thanksgiving, but the children's portion of the holidays is definitely Christmas.  We are a bit slow to meet this part of the holiday, but on track to eventually get there.  The boxes are all out of the attic, which Boogie calls her treasure room.  We have let her go up and see the space that will eventually become her new room, she loves it (thank goodness because I don't know where else we would put her otherwise).  There are a few decorations up in the yard, but no lights, oh the horror, no lights yet.  Boogie and I did hang some snow flakes on the big front windows and we have broken in the season by making holiday sugar cookies as well.  Just a heads up here Krispy Kreme makes a sugar cookie mix, tastes like a little bit of heaven. Its Krispy Kreme though so what do you expect.

Anyway, Jon had to work last Saturday and so I decided that the girls and I would trek on down to the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta Christmas Parade.  It was cold but I felt sure that if we all bundled up and took a blanket or two and had a thermos of hot apple cider we would survive.  Guess what, I am happy to report I was right, but just barely.  The girls and I parked across from the Imagine It Museum and began our walk to Peachtree Stree, only two blocks, not bad at all, except....Boogie weighs 40lbs and Addy weighs close to 25lbs, I had two bags on the stroller and the first block is reminiscent of San Francisco.  I almost had to ask Boogie to get out and walk the first block but I pushed through the pain (and hyperventilation) and made it to the top and after that the rest of the walk was cake.  We found a good spot behind some nice people diagonal to the Ritz Carlton and settled in for the parade to start.

Not really a ton of excitement on these faces but at least they were warm.

The nice man that we were standing behind even offered to take a photo of all of us.  Boogie almost smiled but PJ was having none of it.

We could see the start of the parade just a few blocks away but it wasn't to us yet, and Boogie had run out of pretzels.

Addy was even starting to look like she wanted a snack and I we beginning to think that if the parade didn't start soon we might have a problem.

This look says mom my nose is freezing and I have seen nothing that was so amazing that we had to come out in this weather.  What were you thinking woman?

This face says Mom its cold out here, but I am so excited I can't wait to see my first big city holiday parade.  That face folks is why we braved the cold.  The other face was pacified with hugs and snuggles and kisses, never you fear.
Finally we saw the parade coming.  Not to mention the man selling those horrible poppers.  Kids were throwing them at the animals and performers walking by all through the parade.  They needed a good spanking and so did their parents for letting them do it.  Despite the rude popper people the parade was fantastic, and even though PJ will never remember it she loved the marching bands, and boy were there a lot of those.

The mascots for Children's Healthcare and then below one of their colorful ambulances.

The first big balloons and while they were big they were nothing compared to some of the others.

Boogie had a great time and got lots of complements on the cute hat that her Gigi made her. I was pleasantly surprised that everything matched once she took her coat off.

Addy wasn't much for this parade but she'll come around and maybe next year she'll be really excited about everything.  We'll just have to wait and see, and hope that Jon doesn't have to work so that he can push Addy and little Trifecta up that monster hill while Boogie and I enjoy our nice walk. 

Here are just some photos from the parade, it really is a good one if you ever get the chance to be in Atlanta to see it.  Enjoy!!

Boogie loved the dogs

I loved this guy he looked so cuddly
 Local Pest Control Company had a Christmas Spider.
 Wells Fargo Stage Coach
 Where the Wild Things Are
 I think they were dancing trying to stay warm
 Some of the knights from Medieval Times
 Boogie and my favorite balloon
 All the kids look adorable dressed up like little lions
 Gorgeous horses
 Some great old cars, including this Rat Rod
 Ah Ms. Piggy

 Me and my Llama, me and my Llama, going to the dentist today....
 Boogie and her new friend
 The dancing business men...they were hysterical
 Our second favorite balloon
 Here comes Mighty Mouse...

 This snake was gorgeous, but I felt bad for him because it was so cold outside.
 Water Buffalo on Peachtree Street in downtown....go figure.
 Or how about a camel...all these guys are from a traveling zoo that will come to your house.  SERIOUSLY!

 The original Bat Mobile
 The force was there too
 This Storm Trooper was even in the holiday spirit
 Please tell my why the tap dancers got the short end of this stick...look at the jazz dancers..Hmmmmm
 Oh Scooby Scooby Do.....boogie loves you.
 The Coca Cola Polar Bear...who scares me just a bit.
 Frosty the Snowman and last but definitely not least....
 The big man himself
Santa Claus and of course Mrs. Claus is there too. :D

Happy Holiday Season everyone.  Be looking for more great holiday pictures to come soon. This Saturday we pick up our tree and get our turn to visit with Jolly Ole St. Nick.

1 comment:

Carrie said...

What an amazing parade! I love that you hoofed it up the hills, through the city to get that prime parade spot!! The girls look like they were in heaven :)