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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December Photo Challenge 14,15,16

Here I am again catching up, but this time I am just going to shrug my shoulders and say enjoy the photos because late or not at least their here.

I thought I would continue the tour of our Christmas tree. First, is my favorite ornament, that my husband bought me 4 years ago. I was very sick, but I had a performance up in North GA that I couldn't get out of so my hubby drove me up there. Before the performance we found a cute little Christmas shoppe and in it was this pretty little carved angel...

The verse carved on it one of the recitatives from Handel's Messiah. I have sung these many times so this was the perfect ornament. :D
Next I thought I would let you have a look at our tree in all its lit glory. With the red walls in the living room it really has that festive glow.

One of my favorite strands of lights on the tree as some clear lexan angels. They have just a touch of gold on them and they are all playing trumpets. Some have not made it over the years but for the most part they are all intact. There were actually a thrift store find and I think they add something special to the tree....

If you haven't already found a theme here, let me say that while my husband is really into cars, trucks, and motorcycles on the tree, I tend toward angels. I just love how different they all look and how each has that touch of serenity about them. So between the two of us our tree is very interesting.

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