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Friday, December 11, 2009

December Photo Challenge days 9,10,11

Okay so obviously I am going to be doing this in groups, but I promise to always catch up. So without further ado here are the photos for the last 3 days.
We finally got our tree up and decorated. This is the one that we went out and picked up at the tree farm. We didn't actually cut it down but it did get the 3 year old tree of approval rating, so its the perfect tree. :D I think she decorated up beautiful.

Now here is our little angel on top of the tree. We've had her for quite a few years and she has been rebuilt a few times but we love her.

Finally we got our family ornament for the year. While baby Addison is not here yet, we had to include her. Her big sister was very adamant that she be included so my mom was sure that Addison had a stocking too. Thanks Mimi for thinking ahead. :D

Tomorrow is a big day for us, so there will definitely be a picture. We have breakfast scheduled with the big man, so there will definitely be a picture. :D Happy Holidays.

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