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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I playing catch up again... December Photo Challege 7&8

Well I am playing catching up again as I was lucky enough to spend a night out with Friends for a book signing with The Pioneer Woman and her fabulous new cookbook. So I didn't make it back in in time to get something posted.

So here is my picture for yesterday....

Boogie found this nutcracker for Mrs. M the wonderful lady that watches her. Mrs. M loves nutcrackers and has quiet collection every year we try to add one for her. This is the first year that Charlotte has been able to pick it out herself and she was very proud of her little drummer. Mrs. M loved it too and that is the most important thing. :D

Last night as I said I met up with friends at a big bookstore for the book signing for Pioneer Woman, she was fabulous but that will be another post. :D While there I saw one of my favorite things about the holidays...books, tons and tons of Christmas books. The kids section is my favorite because my 3 year old loves the Christmas books. We have a pop up book that we read all year round that she can recite now because we have read it so much. So here are a few interesting titles from the kids section last night...

SO head out to the nearest book store and pick up your favorite holiday book. I'll recommend Christmas at the zoo, it is a fantastic pop up book. Happy Holidays.


Anonymous said...

I love Children's Christmas books. Great pics

Carrie said...

Hey Beth! Nice to meet you(: Love that you also braved Pioneer Woman book signing and survived! Your little girl is too cute.