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Sunday, December 6, 2009

December Photo Post 5 & 6

Yep I am playing catch up again but please cut me a little slack I hosted a sleep over Friday night for 3 3 year olds and survived by the skin of my teeth. The we took them on Saturday morning to ride this....

This is an Atlanta holiday tradition that now benefits Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. It was an interesting experience and I will post more about this, but suffice it to say, Saturday morning is not the best time to go with 3 year olds when it is 30 degrees outside and you have to wait outside.

Today however we did something a little new...we went to a Christmas tree farm and cut down a tree. We have never done this before and Jon and Boogie were ready to get that tree....

Again it was about this 30 degrees this morning and we froze our fingers off but it was a lot of fun and we all had a great time. :D We Georgians are not used to this cold weather this early in the season, but it does help put you in the holiday spirit. So happy holidays everyone.


Anonymous said...

a sleep over for 3 3 year olds! You are nuts! I don't know what the pink pig is but I bet the kids enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

The Pink Pig sign is so cool - I love neon signs! We have resorted to an artificial tree this year, but cutting down your own is way more fun! Great pics!