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Thursday, February 21, 2008

All in a Days Work

Last night I asked my wonderful husband to watch our daughter Charlotte while I attended a HUGE children's consignment sale. Just the day before he had sweetly helped my load small piles of Charlotte's baby clothes into the Nitro along with a stroller, bouncer and boxes of various other now unused baby items. We happily carried them up to the sale location waited in line with other moms and dads and blissfully racked everything with hopes of racking up a little cash from our used things. For our time and effort I alone got to attend a pre-sale the evening before the doors opened to the public. Jon graciously agreed to have an evening of daddy/daughter time and let me go off to unwind with hundreds of other child free for the evening mothers. Ahhhh the anticipation.

So blissfully the next evening at 5:45 I loaded into the car with a promise not to be gone to long. Once reached the sale I was effecient grabbing only the things on my list, rifling through hanging clothes looking for the best bargins at break neck speed, all while relishing the time alone. Purchases in hand and in record time I made my way across the giant field of cars to hear my sell phone ringing viciously in the passanger seat (yes I left it in the car). Hee hee!

I answer out of breath and hear "Where are you?" "You've been gone a long time." "Are you on your way home, it has to be close to 8:30." I assure my husband that once I pick up the big items that have been stored for me while I continue shopping, I will be home. Hanging up the phone I look at the clock....7:15. WHAT??? I have just driven to a sale gone through thousands of items, pick out the perfect outfits and paid for everything in less time then it takes my loving husband to wash his truck. Yet, I have four missed calls and a message in my voicemail asking when I will be home. How can time expectations be so diffrent?

However bouyed by a shopping high, I made it home with my fabulous buys in time to clean up from dinner and bath Charlotte. Getting her dressed and into bed right on time. *Sigh* All in a days work for a mom! :)